Saturday, February 9, 2008


So it's Friday night, woo hoo!!! Just got home from a FABULOUSLY fun Girls Night Out at the Cheesecake Factory. We had SUCH a great time :) Dinner, gabbing, girly stuff! Just what I needed. I loved today. It turned out to be such a GORGEOUS day, in the 70's which is CRAZY to me for February!!

I hope everyone's having a WONDERFUL weekend!! I'm planning on working on some design team projects tomorrow and finish organizing my scrappy space. It's turning out SO nice. My hubby's made me some GORGEOUS shelves. I'll share as soon as everything's in it's perfect place. ;)

I didn't want to leave you with just a let me close this one with a cute shot of the "baby" of our fur-babies who was caught red handed on Savannah's new bedspread...silly Duster boy!

Who can get upset with THAT sweet face? Ok so he's got me wrapped...all 3 of them do!

Happy Friday :) Go make lots of memories!!!


Pam said...

MMMM! I love cheesecake!

Can't wait to see your photos!

I am going to San Antonio on the 29th and I hope that warm weather stays because it's COLD here!

Very cute fur baby!

Lyn said...

sounds like a fun night! cute pup! love your Glitz creations too!!

Amy Coose said...

Glad you had fun. I'm enjoying the warm weather, too. I'm visiting my fam until Mon.

Mrs. Nemo said...

Can't wait to see your scrappy space! And the face is a-dorable!!!

Wendy said...

Silly Duh-ter! :)

Ahhhhhhh love a fun night out! And heck yeah, what is up with our temps! I think ours is in normal range for this time of year FINALLY!!!!


NancyJones said...


I kwym about it being warm OUR azaleas are blooming CAN YOU BELIEVE THATTT!!! IN FEBRUARY what the!!! HARD TO BELIEVE I KNOW IM gonn atake a picture and post it on my bloggy later. IM droolin over your pages on the side bar LOVE IT GIRL you just amaze me as always. MUUUUUUAHHHHHH!!

HEY, tell wendy to send you some absolut you look thirsty bwahahhahahahahhaaa

Trish said...

mmmmm Cheesecake!

Your doggie is a cutie!

~Nancy~ said...

Awww.. look at that sweet face.. awwww..... And I'm sooo jealous you've spent some time at the Cheesecake Factory!! Totally loooove that place.. wish we had these restaurants in Europe too!! Have a great day sweetie! XOXO

Tawnya said...

Hi Cutie :)
Super cute pic of the sweet face.
Cant wait to see your scrap space :)

Kimberly said...

How fun! I LOVE CKF too...what a total blast! Sweet shot of duster too! xoxo
Love ya,