Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday CROP & some prayers :)

Hi everyone!! Hope you've been able to go to the Create My Keepsake Crop today!! It's going FULL force and so much fun!! Details are on the blog post just below......

My challenge for everyone is at 3 pm (cst) and is a "Happy Easter" layout:

*********I have a BIG prayer request. Remember my uncle Jim I asked you to pray for? Well he's made a turn for the worse and if you can...he needs prayers now more than ever...
He's now since his last MRI been confirmed to be totally paralyzed on his left side. Also, they think he suffered another stroke (a mini one) that's left his throat paralyzed and he's unable to swallow anything :( They did surgery yesterday to put in a trach and a feeding tube. He's 75 years old.

Thank you everyone and I sure hope your Saturday is wonderful!!


Trish said...

Great LO!

I will keep your uncle in my prayers!

I know how hard strokes can be. My dad has had 2. He has recovered pretty well for the amount of damage he has in his brain.

Wendy Reed said...

Hi Les!

Your layout is nothing less than gorgeous (of course :) ).

Lot's of prayers for your Uncle!!!!!


jenn said...

Sending prayers to your Uncle!

Love your layout!!!

Anonymous said...


Charlotte Cramer said...

Just wanted to stop by and say hi!! I love this Easter LO!!!! Prayers to your Uncle!!! :)

leewoodside said...

Awesome blog! Love your layouts. Such amazing texture and colours.