Thursday, March 27, 2008

*Break from SPRING Break & a Glitzy FUN class*

I know I know, I've been a HORRIBLE blogger. I'm SO sorry! Last week was spring break and we had something planned EVERY day. This week has been recovery week and I think I need a spring "break" from SPRING BREAK! LOL!

I have something SUPER fun to share with you. I've been DYING to share this but I had to wait for the "ok" to here it is!

It's a FUN class that
Glitz is teaching in Houston, Texas on April 25th at The Scrapbook Junkie.
If you're in the area, you should sign up for this class! (If you're not, FLY in & take it!) The Glitz girls are flying in to teach this minibook class. It's a clear album that I made for them. I used Glitz's Sublime line along with fun frosting, icing, rub-ons, eye candy (& some other misc. things I added) I've never made a clear mini album before. I loved every single second of creating this book, it was SO much FUN!

Here's the minibook - I hope you enjoy!

I promise I will post this week about our new exciting news here at our house. No it's not me having a baby...but we do have a new baby :) I'll update with that news and share some funny pics too. :)

Hope you have a happy week!
Lots & LOTS of hugs :)


Anonymous said...

Ohhh c'est une explosion de couleurs, félicitations

Pam said...

Omgosh! How adorable is that! I love it! I wish I could fly to TX Again and take the class!

Can't wait to see your new 'baby'

Brandi said...

Love it! That's one of the stores we went to in Feb! It's a cool store! You gonna be there?

Lea L. said...

What a gorgeous mini album! Awesome job Glitzy gal!! I are the only reason that I could possibly ever move to Texas...I would love to hang out with you! Tee hee!

DID YOU GET A NEW PET!! A cute little puppy or kitty???! I can't wait to see what it is!


~Nancy~ said...

Ooww.. girlie.. that little album looks awesome.. so cool too! Love all bright and fun colors and your use of details... YUM YUM!! Thank you so much for the inspiration!! Can't wait to see a pic of your little surprise.. hehehehe..(I won't spoil your little secret.. hehehehe)

How cool that you Glitz girls will be teaching classes! I wish I lived closer!!!!!

Have a great weekend! XOXO

amywelch said...

LOVE LOVE that album !! You make the cutest stuff ever!!!!!!!!!

Amy Coose said...

OK, we don't keep secrets from our friends...;) Love the album, you did an amazing job, as you always do!

Dena said...

I looove that book and think it is nothing short of incredible my dear! Love ya :)

Kimberly said...

This is AMAZING!!! I so love your use of bright colors...GORGEOUS! xoxo
Love ya,

Trish said...

Awesome mini album!

Love your new pic!

Can't wait to hear the news!

Susannah said...

I love it! Love all the bright fun colors!

Cant wait to see the new 'baby'

carrie*postma said...

awesome mini-book Girl! Wish I could go to one of those classes!

inara said...

congrats! and the mini-album is gorgeous!!!