Thursday, March 6, 2008


Yesterday it was 68 degrees. Today? 32 degrees. HUH? I'd say that's pretty stinkin' cold!! Well despite the freezing, sleety, light snowy conditions...the boys headed out to the golf course for the high school JV Golf Tournament. We told Shaypher that ummm, "son it will be SOOOO cold. You might want your Under Armour. Maybe even 2 of them." He always when it's cold (I promise..he's OPPOSITE boy!) "mom it's not THAT cold, heck I could wear shorts" Yep, that's my boy. My oh so CUTE Opposite Boy....:)
So...back to the tourney, well due to the weather conditions, the team was only allowed to play 9 holes. In 9 holes they shot FABULOUS scores. I'm not a golf scholar, I know NOTHING about the language so if I totally kill the "talk" of golf..just overlook it this one time :) Shaypher shot a 48, another boy shot a 42, more boys did the same. This took the boys to 1st place in the District and the Richland High School Rebel Golf Team all received Medals! Shaypher's sporting his today rather proudly....

I'm so proud of him and the entire team!! Way to go boys!!

Here's his medal up close..on the back it says District 5a First Place Team.

So today's a crazy weather day. Well this week's actually been crazy. Monday night we had snow flurries, Tuesday back to the 60's, Wednesday the same and today, it's freezing!! BRRRR rabbitt!! Hope your weather's good for you and you have a great weekend!!
Update on my uncle:
Not sure why, but for some odd reason they've moved Uncle Jim to a rehab center. HUH? This is being looked into because he wasn't even NEAR ready to be moved from the hospital and he's not responding well at all to the rehab. This is all being looked into so if you could just spare more prayers for him...he's just not doing well at all.

You have no idea how much I appreciate, my entire family appreciates all the prayers...God Bless all of you. :)

Happy Thursday to everyone!


Pam said...

I have no clue about golf but congrats to Shaypher and his team! I hope it warms up for you soon!

Tina said...

WTG Shaypher!!!!! And that temp difference??! YUCK!!

~Lea~ said...

WTG Shaypher...that is an awesome golf score! I don't golf, but my DH does...and he doesn't score near that....ever.

We have been having the same type of weather up here in MT too. Yesterday we had a slew of snow dumped on us, and today it is sunshiney, balmy, and almost 50 degrees. Gotta love Montana spring weather!

I am sorry about your seems odd they moved him to a rehab center if he wasn't showing viable improvement. It is good you are looking into that. I will keep him and your family in my prayers.

Have a great day!

Dena said...

Wooo Hoooo Shaypher! That is awesome. Congrats to him and his team.
Hoping the best for your Uncle as well. Sometimes you just have to throw a fit and lay down the law to get correct medical treatment.

Enjoy that weather girl. The unbearable heat will be there before ya know it ;)
love ya!

Amy Coose said...

Go, Shapher, GO!!!!!!!!

I can't believe you guys are getting snow! We are jealous here.

Danielle said...

Awesome job Shaypher!!! That is great! Leslie, I will continue to pray for your uncle.

Danielle said...

OK you gave me a chuckle when you said he was opposite boy, because I specifically remember doing that to my mom when I was a teenager too..she says black and I would say WHITE! haha

carrie*postma said...

thats awesome about the golfing! and BBRRRRRR, is right! yikes!

Amy W. said...

hi Leslie! i don't usually "forward" things on email or anything else but i received an award today from Renee at CMK and thought of you. so i have encluded you in my list and the info is on my blog if you get a chance, check it out! hope you are having a great day! :)

NancyJones said...

whewew shayf! thats so cool! Missyachick I have been phys therapying whiping me out and onine is really hard right now my brain just Icant explaing it. Takes me forever to do stuff, But i do love yato pieces and miss ya I havent facebooked but its cuz I cant remmeber my pwcodes IM trying to fix it but I got my blog done yesterday so maybe I can do that today lol I tell ya Im haveing to re do everything this is instane!

NancyJones said...

ps so sorry bout yoru uncle i will keep pryaing fo rhim , YOu watch they will moce them way too quick they tried to move me out to a idfferent floor and my dr refused. so fight girl! you ahe to fight now fo rhte health care you need itsa ll baout insurance now!

Kimberly said...

SNOW? what is that? I have no clue it's been forever since I've seen it! Come on down to AZ girly...I'll share some sunshine with you!
Go Shay too!! YAY for great!

Thank you for update on your uncle too...I totally know where you are at here. (((hugs)))
Loves and prayers to you,