Friday, March 14, 2008

**SO no actual....**

---> Post today...I had one and it went ::POOF:: and disappeared!! I HATE when that happens!

So here's a big ol' Texan "HI" & have a super great weekend!!!!!!!


Rachael said...

I haven't had a post poof, knock on wood!! Sorry that happpened to ya!!

Have a great weekend, though! Love the new pic!

Trish said...

Hope you have a great weekend!

Love that new pic!

Wendy Reed said...



Amy Coose said...

Poof????? Well, hi right back at 'cha!

Lea L. said...

Well, hey there Missy! Was wondering if you were still alive...tee hee hee!

Have a great Saturday,

Norma Kennedy said...

Just here to wave at you- Loving all your GOGEOUS layouts at CMK !!!!


echowein said...

Love that cute pic of you in the car! I know how that goes...gotta love that blogger!

DenaCoe said...

Hey girl! Zoe and I made Texas toast and thought of you and B while we were making it :)
Hope you had a great weekend.

rachel carlson said...

HOWDEEEEEEEEE, you cute girl you! loves and hugs, rach