Wednesday, April 9, 2008

**The BETTER to see YOU with**

Oh yes...the absolute BEST to see you with! (at least now anyway! :) )
*Sad fave glasses broke.
*Funny story..they broke when our new pup jumped on the bed and *ka-pow* smacked right into me, well my face. He's so teeny he didn't hurt me but imagine my surprise when I saw a piece of plastic flying through the air. I'm trying and trying to figure out, "ok WHERE did that just come from? The sky? HA!" I then felt my glasses go lopsided. I winced. I realized that flying plastic was part of my glasses!

**I ran as quick as I could to try to have them repaired. No such luck...they were toast. (minus the butter and jelly!) They didn't have any more of my style (I was hoping to just transfer the lenses to another frame like my faves..) Well...I decided ok it's almost time for my next eye doc appt. so I could just get a new prescrip and get a new pair. Which is exactly what I did, luckily a cancellation got me RIGHT in the next morning! YAY!!
-Appt. goes great, she even tells me I don't have the stigmatism I had 2 years ago! YAY! I thought it got worse the older you get? No way, for me it was just the opposite! I did have to get a new eyeballs needed a tad better adjustment in the "the better to see you with" spec department.

~I tried on about a kazillion pairs. No lie. I finally turned to my hubby (who just LOVES to help me pick out my specs) and said, "well...I don't see a pair, let's just go see what another place has.." He says..."WAIT, have you tried these??" They are a CUTE oh man OH so cute black pair with KILLER sides that I totally must have passed over because those were the ones! Score! YAY! (as for the hubster...he loved them too! He even told me, "wow - you look "smokin" - ok not so sure about THAT but the fact that he even said something..SOLD!)

Check out the sides:

COOL HUH? I love 'em!! Sooooo as you might have guessed, I ordered those and guess what else? I LOVED them so much, I ordered them in sunglasses too :)

This is me in my new specs...I LOVE them!

Thanks for reading my silly story for the day! :)

Have a happy week!