Tuesday, April 29, 2008

**Got Senses?**

Well do you?

This week's challenge at The Design X blog is all about our senses!
Here is the challenge:

"We use our five senses to fully experience life. Create something that describes these senses. The good, the bad, What you like/dislike about them? Do you have a sense that is more pronounced than the others? I.E. Do you have perfect vision? Do you have a keen sense of smell? Do you have weird taste buds? Let us know!!!"

This is my layout I came up with...I wanted to scrap my happy senses :)

YOU should do the challenge!! If you do, link your layout to the comment section of the blog, you could win a KILLER RAK!! DO IT, just DO IT. :)

(Ya know, if you DO do it and you DO link it back to ME in MY comments I just MIGHT surprise you, no not MIGHT, I WILL surprise you with a fun RAK myself!)

Have a happy week!!
HUGS everyone!
Don't forget since you dropped by to say HI!!!!!!!!!!!

(OHH guess WHAT! I really don't usually like to tooty booty but I'm so excited!! SB Trends requested 2 layouts for September! I can't believe it!! :) )