Tuesday, April 29, 2008

**Got Senses?**

Well do you?

This week's challenge at The Design X blog is all about our senses!
Here is the challenge:

"We use our five senses to fully experience life. Create something that describes these senses. The good, the bad, What you like/dislike about them? Do you have a sense that is more pronounced than the others? I.E. Do you have perfect vision? Do you have a keen sense of smell? Do you have weird taste buds? Let us know!!!"

This is my layout I came up with...I wanted to scrap my happy senses :)

YOU should do the challenge!! If you do, link your layout to the comment section of the blog, you could win a KILLER RAK!! DO IT, just DO IT. :)

(Ya know, if you DO do it and you DO link it back to ME in MY comments I just MIGHT surprise you, no not MIGHT, I WILL surprise you with a fun RAK myself!)

Have a happy week!!
HUGS everyone!
Don't forget since you dropped by to say HI!!!!!!!!!!!

(OHH guess WHAT! I really don't usually like to tooty booty but I'm so excited!! SB Trends requested 2 layouts for September! I can't believe it!! :) )


Trish said...

Love this LO!

The Design Experiment said...

Yay Les!!! I LOVE SB Trends!!! Love your TDX LO too!


Gretchen said...

The layout turned out great! Love the colors!

Tina said...

Congrats on your pubs girl!!!! You ROCK! I just adore that layout of you, not only are you one hot mama, but the design and colors are AMAZING!!!

Lisa said...

Stopping by to say "HI!!!!!"

Super cute layout as always!

LoRi said...

Amazing layout! Love everything about it Leslie! I will try to squeeze this challenge onto my creative to do list! LOL. Congrats on September ST!!! Yeah!

Davinie said...

Of course you have a Happy sense! So cute!

Norma Kennedy said...

Leslie congrats on the Pub aqnd what a great layout !


Daniela said...

This is awesome, I love everything about it. That photo of you is great!

Renee said...

hey congrats on the PUB! very exciting! and this layout is fab!! AND you look fab too! very sassy!! love love love it! sounds like a fun challenge - renee lamb

Ki said...

Gorgeous page Leslie!!

Kimberly said...

OMGoodness this ROX! YOU RAWK! LOVE every detail!
Love ya,

Lea L. said...

This layout is adorable Leslie..you are so cute! And you must have like the best scanner in the world...the images of your layouts always look perfect!


Dena said...

I love your layout :)
Makes me happy just looking at it and WAHOOOOOO for another ST pub. They LOVE you girl!