Sunday, April 20, 2008

**Greta Greenthumb At Your Service?**

Need things planted? Need plants watered? Just call me! I apparantly have a little bit of a green thumb and I didn't even KNOW it, hee hee.

Well...on Friday, [while my sweet pup Potter was in the hospital getting fixed] I went with my hubby to the nursery and we picked up some lovelies to plant in our backyard. He'd already planted some baby palm trees and he wanted to add more. I loved helping him pick things out and I even picked out a pretty watering can, lovely gloves and my own little digging tool :) (I know, this all SCREAMS "beginner", hee hee) Here's my pretties I got:

Oh my aren't these asiatic lilies gorgeous? We put those under some yucca trees we already had growing...

These lovely ones went by the fence

See, here's the baby palms, right by our pool. We put a few things in between each palm.

Such as....

Can't wait to see them pop up!!!

(I also put some day lilies, Peruvian Daffodils & Amaryllis here)

Oh it was fun getting all dirty!!

**man am I SORE!!!!

Happy Weekend! Be sure to check back tomorrow when I have the latest challenge layout for Design X up! It's MY week, yay!!


Brandi said...

Pretty! Love your cutie watering can! Everyone should own a pink one! LOL!

Wendy Reed said...

Well Hi Greta! Nice to meet you!


You crack me up! Everything looks FANTASTIC Les!


~Nancy~ said...

Oowww.. how fun!!!!!!! Everything looks awesome!! Especially your cute PINK watering can!!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend girlie! XOXO

Ki said...

Oh how I wish! I'm almost knee deep in snow here - yuck! Our snow had all melted from the back yard and then bam, snow storm hit this weekend! It's depressing!

Lea L. said...

So pretty!! It is still cold and wintry no pretty flowers for me...not for awhile! Glad you had fun!!