Thursday, May 8, 2008

**Another B-Day Boy, McDreamy's Wheels & my NEW toy!**

We have another b-day boy in our house!! It's my MAIN squeeze...the cheese in my macaroni ( attempt at Juno humor, hee hee!) My hubba hubba hubby!!

His big day is actually on Saturday and we're celebrating him tomorrow because Savannah's working ALL day Saturday and she asked if we could, so we are! We're taking him to dinner and back home for his fave cake :) Happy Birthday, my oh so cute dude! I love ya like no tomorrow...and back again! ( I'm so lucky - this man...he's just amazing!! )


LOOK what I FOUND lying on his desk the other day! Umm....can you say McYUMMY? I'm lovin' that my hubby's an avid cyclist and gets maggy's in the mail with ummmmm, cute bike boys on the cover..imagine my surprise and my 180 degree quick turn around as I was walking by his desk to see this prize: all seriousness? McDreamy got GREAT wheels! (hee hee) Feel **FREE** to click on this image to make it larger...;) )


I have a new toy. I've been eyeing this bad boy (it's a Verizon Voyager) for a while now. My SWEET hubby (as seen above) just gave me this new toy for Mother's Day!! Yes..I got it early...but there's a story behind it. See...he was at his desk earlier this week and I walked in to ask him a question. This was on his computer screen:

I said..."WHOA! What'cha doin?" I wish you could have SEEN the look on his face. Nothing he could do, I caught him off, in this sweet, little quiet voice...I hear: "Happy Mother's Day".
WHAT!!!!!!! Oh man I couldn't believe it!! I was jumping (literally!) for joy! Well Fed-Ex came by Wednesday when we weren't here for a delivery. I thought it might be what I'd ordered Alan for his birthday (I totally forgot this might be coming this week) so I had Alan drive me to the nearest Fed EX (not too far...just a few miles) office and he said as he pulled in, "Wait..let me go get it" (he was thinking it was the phone) and I hesitated. Savannah was with us and she just said, "Go Dad...I'll make her wait here" I then HAD to be that phone! SOOO He comes out with this cute little giddy look (he'd DIE If he knew I said used cute and giddy to desribe him...LOL) and puts the box in the back seat. I ask if it's for ME or HIM. He says ME (meaning him, LOL) . He gets in and starts driving back home. Finally he asks Savannah..."Do you think she can have it now?" She says..."YES!" so they let me open it. THAT is what was in my box! YAY!!!! I have the SWEETEST family in ALL of the world. They totally spoiled me for Mother's Day!! I'm still learning it, oh man it does ALOT of things!! It's got mobile tv, video, stores music and video's) like an Ipod , has unlimited texting and TONS tons more. BUT it's very BEST feature? (It's similar to the Apple IPhone)It opens up to have a Qwerty (isn't that the CUTEST word ever?) keyboard. It's just amazing...if you have Verizon and you're wanting a new cell? I HIGHLY recommend this phone!

Thank you for letting me share my early Mother's Day story with you!

I wanted to wish ALL of you a VERY Happy Mother's Day!! I hope you all get pampered and spoiled as EACH and EVERY one of you deserves. Enjoy your weekend...I sure will!!

HUGS to all and to all...a good night!

Ok let me explain this stupid, yes I said STUPID SWEET (yeah right!) son told me this was REALLY dumb and I needed to stop watching it. FUNNY how it ends up on my blog (and I can't get the dumb thing OFF!) when I walk away...LOL!! SO's really stupid though. Watch at your OWN risk. (Ifound it on a spoof site, I thought oh this is cute! THen I watched it...yeah right. LOL)