Thursday, May 29, 2008

**The BELL has RUNG**

Yep! It's the final one...summer is official as of today! It's time to celebrate! YAY!! The kids are SO excited! I am too but well... it's fun but also at the same time bittersweet. Time makes them older but why can't they still be kindergartners going to 1st grade? **Oh my...I need some kleenex. (I will be putting stock in Kleenex for the next 2 years, LOL!)

She's now a senior. Stop it....

He's now a junior. Seriously?

Really? WHOA.
Who let that happen?
Time? Slow down time...make this year go slow, k?

LOOK what "brown" brought ME today!

(yes I know...I do resemble a famous cartoon character called Casper.)

Time to go frolic and play...the polka dot way!
(BWAHAHAHA I just made a dumb funny! **snort**)

Have a happy day!


dougnat said...

I LOVE THOSE SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously they rock!
I'll send you some tissue!

Sara said...

Those shoes totally rock!

Amy W. said...

*giggle* gurl u make me laugh. :) i feel the same way about my kiddos and my oldest is 12! :( enjoy your kicks! :)

Debbie :-) said...

Wow!! LOVE the sneakers!!! Awww, (here's a tissue) I know it's sad when the kiddos grow up, but it's also exciting to see them spread their wings!! :-)

Anabelle said...

I want those shoes!!!!! And I hear you about time flying. Ryan just finished pre-school last week. It was a rough day for me...

Danielle said...

You are hilarious, Leslie!! Love your shoes so much!! I know...don't they grow up fast? (the kids, not the shoes..tee hee)
Luv ya!

Nicole said...

I see a polka dotted LO in your near future LOL! Love the shoes!

Daniela said...

Love those shoes girly!!!! Your kids are beautiful !!! What fun stuff do you have planned for them?

TheShermanFam said...

HOOOO-ray for new shoes! LOVE them!
and I thought 4th grade was gut wrenching...a jr and sr!! WAAHHHH!!
Ok, that probably didn't make you feel any
Just keep checkin' out your new shoes...that should keep a smile on yo face!!

reneelamb said...

*snort* you make me laugh...and I feel ya on the aging thing. How is it they grow up so fast? But I have to say... you have beautiful children and are very lucky. They look like terrific kids (
btw...LOVE those shoes - and believe it or not...I am paler than you...I'm whiter than Casper...almost transparent. In fact I glow...hee hee hee. :)

~Nancy~ said...

YAY!! So happy to see the polka dot picture!! Thanks for posting it.. hehe.. So happy that summer is officially starting for you guys now!!! WOOHOO!!! Enjoy your weekend girlie! XOXOXO

Dena said...

How cute are those shoes?!?!
Your babies are all growing up :(
whatever will you do my Leslie!
Sav looks so grown up in that picture!

KimmyS said...

Now I am seriously loving those shoes!!!

LoRi said...

You know how I feel about those shoes, girl! And your kiddos, they are pretty cute too! Hope y'all have a fabulous summer!