Monday, May 12, 2008

What do YOU think? What do THEY think?****

Hi everyone!! Hope all you Mom's out there had a FABULOUS Mother's Day!! Tell me all about what you did! Sure hope you got pampered and spoiled as you all deserve!!

Ok so this week for the Design X challenge...Emily challenged us to:

"We as humans tend to be over-critical of ourselves. For this challenge, journal about yourself twice. Once as YOU see yourself, and again as others see you, (the real you). Why do you think you are critical of yourself? Why do you think it is more socially acceptable to be self deprecating as opposed to being self assured?"

So I challenge YOU! What do YOU think of YOU. How do THEY see you?

Here is the layout I came up with:

This is me...always with my kids. Trying SO Hard to be the coolest mom. Sometimes not trying hard at all... :)

My journaling reads: I see me as one silly mom ~ trying all I can to make my kids
laugh ~ trying OH so hard to be one "cool" mom. They see me
as that same GOOFY mom. BUT in the end it sure pays off
whey they tell me I AM a "pretty cool" mom. That's all I
need to hear.

Just a little closeup...

and another closeup....

So get to thinking...what do you see yourself as? How do others see you?
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So go...I challenge YOU!

Have a happy day!