Tuesday, June 17, 2008

**I just want to say THANK YOU & A Few Creations**

Thank you to all of you who prayed and thought sweet thoughts for my sister :) SHE did so GREAT today!!! Her surgery was a HUGE success!! Well so far it is, hopefully no rejection of the new donor cornea, but per the doctor---highly unlikely it would happen, yay!!!!!!
So info:
-Her surgery was supposed to last 2-3 hours. She was out in 1 1/2 hours.
-In recovery for 6 hours. (she had a HARD time waking up, then had an asthma attack but was quickly relieved with meds)
-The donor was a 40 year old person. (she will eventually be contacted by LifeGift as to the donor)
-she received 2800 cells from the donor - which translates into near perfect vision! POSSIBLY no contacts! YAY!!!!
-she's recovering tonight at my oldest sister's house since she's closest to her surgeons' office and she has an appt. there in the morning. She did NOT have to stay in the hospital this time so 3rd time IS a charm! :)
-she got some GREAT pain meds so hopefully they'll get her through the night :)

SOOOO I just want to give you all HUGE hugs from me and my family. I truly believe all of your prayers and thoughts helped with today. I will be helping this week with her care until she feels she can do it herself...probably in a few days. Tomorrow I'm working on a little surprise for her. A little birdie told me she loved something I just did recently and I'm totally surprising her with something alot like it! :) She's going to be sooo excited!!
Pink Paislee is the Design Team sponsor for June at Create My Keepsake. I had SO MUCH FUN creating with the Spring Fling line. Here's what I did:

You have to go to the gallery to check out all the Pink Paislee inspiration! Such gorgeous work!

Enjoy your week and again...from the bottom of my pea pickin' heart...THANK YOU!!!!!!!