Saturday, June 21, 2008

**She LOVES her flowers that shall never die**

Guess what? My sister is doing GREAT!!! She's just doing fabulous. She HURTS like the DICKENS(she said it only hurts when she blinks...well hello we blink ALOT! LOL) but she's just doing so good..she's a TROOPER! Listen to this! SHE went to her surgeon Wednesday (she had her surgery Tuesday) and he told her she got a DARNED good eye! (ok so he used a word I don't normally use, hee hee---he was just excited when he examined her eye again). See--a perfect eye is from an infant. They have 3000 cells. My sister's 40 year old donor gave her life...they gave her 2800 cells! Isn't that fantastic? SO excited..that means she'll have almost perfect vision. I do have a funny to share...the nurse came in and did a mini exam, made my sister look at the eye chart at the very first letter. Ok we ALL know what the first letter's never changed, right? My sister told her it was an "E". Nurse says..."GREAT job Melinda, you're doing SO GOOD!! You'll be seeing tiny letters in NO time!" Nurse walks out. My sister...hurting like all get out manages to squeak out a funny...
"Does she (she being the nurse) REALLY ( FAVE word, she even had the perfect infliction in her tone) think the letters change? I mean come on...that E has always been there, it always will be..wait, unless I turn my head this way (as she goes to the right) it's an "M". This way (as she goes to the left) it's an "W". Think they'll pass out if I say those?" I almost peed my pants...that made me laugh SO hard (but then again I'm always easily amused...HA!) Ok so anyways...on with my story.
My sister LOVES all things TEENincy (I totally know that's not a real word) so imagine my surprise when I found a teeny weeny watering can in the $ spot at Michael's. I immediately KNEW I was making her a flower arrangement. One that shall NEVER die. It will always remain pretty, colors bright and cheery. Sooo I went to town making her arrangement...this is how it turned out (now remember, this watering can is just a smidgen tinier than a tomato paste can):

(images to return soon..requested for submission!)

I am in LOVE with how this turned out. I'm going BACK to Michael's tomorrow to get myself one so I can make one for my desk. It was SO fun and EASY as all get out to make.
My sister, from her one eye that she CAN see out of, loved it. She said the colors make her so happy and she can't WAIT to put it on her desk :) That's all it took. I was a happy girl.

THEN...I showed her THIS:

"Is THAT for ME????" Oh yeah..I made that for HER. She told my mom - I think I mentioned in my last blog post - that she loved the one I made for my dad and wished she had one for herself. I did a little shopping, got all kinds of girly stuff together (with her fave colors) and came up with a girlified heart arrangement for her. She was so giddy! (at first I thought it was her pain pills making her giddy, but she reassured me - while they make her feel better - it's the hearts that made her so happy...
I was so glad I could do that for her. She deserves it. She's been through alot this week. She's recovering nicely. She's going to be a-ok once her full vision comes in her eye and her body accepts the donor tissue and gives her her eyesight back.
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