Friday, June 27, 2008

**Wanna play TAG?? & a some super FUN news!**

Dena did! She tagged me.....

SO here goes, my attempt at actually finishing a tag! I am SO bad at these things!

1) 10 years ago......
I was almost 30! (good grief, you realize that means I'm almost 40 ::EEK::) I was teaching preschool to my sweet class of 3 year olds. :)

2) 5 things on today's "to do" list....
-post office
-go replace my fave shirt my oh so sweet son "accidentally" dried when he did laundry last night
-run to Target
-finish up my DT stuff I'm working on

3) Snacks I enjoy....
strawberries and grapes! also pb&j crackers, pretzels and the oh so bad chocolate ANYTHING. (except not DARK chocolate..blech!)

4) Things I would do if i was a millionaire:
-buy a house with a staff of cooks, cleaners, laundry doer's for my family. I'd also do this for my entire brood of parents & brother & sisters too :)
-buy dream cars too....
-give to the needy
-tithe to my church
-pay for the kids college education and Savannah's medical school education
-go on a big huge European vacation
-go on a cruise
-ok and save and invest too.....

5) Places I have lived:
Oh wow I get around....


**BTW, I'm supposed to tag 5 people (but I did 6, so I'm the rule breaker today, LOL) so here's who I'm a taggin':
Amy Coose - because, because, because!! (because of the wonderful friend she is) - makes me wanna whip into Wizard of Oz singing...LOL!! :P
Kimberly Garofolo - because she's the BEST texter ever and OH so sweet!!!
Nancy Jones - well just because she's the SWEETEST gal in all of the South!
Lea Lawson - she ROCKS! (and boy is she talented!)
Renee Lamb - because she's such a GREAT pal!
Lori Renn - because, well----this is one AMAZING gal!

My super fun news:
Scrapbook Trends requested 2 layouts for their November issue!!
One is for "Inspired by Lyrics" section & the other is for "Real Life - Family" section.

Hope you are having a GREAT WEEK!!
It's TGIF! Enjoy!!

**I'll be sharing some sneaks of the GORGEOUS July Kit from Create My Keepsake soon, so check back!! You will want to get this kit FOR SURE!


LoRi said...

Hey Les! Congrats on the November ST pubs!! I can't wait to see the issue! I love the way they display the layouts. I'm dying to see what you do with the CMK kit. I'll check back before we hit the road in the AM. No computer or scrapping for 9 days! What will I do? Off to answer your questions!

Dena said...

Woo Hoo Leslie!!! So proud of you girl and your 2 layouts!
Cant wait til the CMK reveal :)
I know you will rock.

I had no idea you taught preschool, I can TOTALLY see you doing it and being fantastic at it.

Zoe wants me to tell you she got an inhaler today to try to get rid of this hack she can't seem to get rid of. It is quite the big deal for her ;)

Kimberly said...

YAY YOU for your LO's girl!!!! you RAWK! xoxo :)))
Thank you for the tag to find the time...hopefully this weekend sometime.
YOU are the BEST! I LOVE ya!

Staci said...

Oooh, you and I would snack well together, lol. I love all those, too! Congrats on your ST toots - can't wait to see the issue! And can I tell you how jealous I am that you get to see David Cook perform?? That last photo of him is smokin' too!

Danielle said...

Congrats on the pub!!! That is awesome! Have a fabulous weekend Leslie! :)

Lea L. said...

First off...congrats on the pubs sweetie!! That is awesome!!

And secondly...loved reading your answers! I have posted mine today!!

Have an awesome weekend Leslie!

Trish said...

Congrats on your ST toot!!!!

I too loved reading your answers!

Can't wait to see your CMK sneeks!

~Nancy~ said...

YAAAAY on your ST toot!! How awesome is that! WOOHOO!! (yup.. doin'the happy dance for ya!)

And totally loooved reading your answers! XOXOXO

Renee Lamb said...

ok..first things first.BIG WOOT WOOT WOOT ON THE PUB!! That is so flippin' fabulous and they are lucky to have your work in their mag! And I just KNOW ( because I've already seen a sneekie of your work) that you will ROCK that CMK kit. but to no surprise since you rock anything. It could be trash and you could turn it into a treasure. Why because you are the next best thing since Wonder bread. hee hee -used it again. anyhoo. Thanks for the tag - I was gone all weekend on an impromptu mountain trip so it was so flattering to see that when I got home. and loved reading your answers - I would have to agree on the dark chocolate - blech but let me know when you become a millionaire so I can come live with you in your mansion and maid services. ha ha ha - and I didn't know you were a K teacher either but doesn't surprise me! love ya! (oh and think my post is long enough?) sorry!