Monday, June 9, 2008


Word. My kids tell me I can't say that. "Mom, that is so uncool - don't use that." Sometimes I just love using words that I know they think is not "cool" just to see the looks on their faces. Priceless...totally priceless. Word.

Do you have a favorite word? Do you find yourself using it alot? Do you say one so much you don't even realize it but others are quick to point it out? Do you LOVE a word so much it's hard to NOT say it?

Our challenge for you this week at the Design X is all about words. It's my week and I decided to have a little fun and get creative with words. Now it's YOUR turn!
Here's the challenge:
"Words...we all have our favorites. What is YOUR favorite word and why? Does it have a particular meaning? Do you say it a thousand times a day?"

I challenge YOU to think of your word and go to town creating using it :)
If you post a link to your layout in the comment section of the Design X Blog you could win a RAK from ME! :) I put together a fun kit for the winner :)
Soo...go, have fun with words!

Here's my layout:

As you can word is "REALLY?" I use this word all of the time. It has to be said in the perfect tone - sarcastically. For instance...if a driver has pulled out in front of me, here goes "REALLY?" Or if someone says a joke I don't get and makes fun of me..."REALLY?" or someone one (not naming names) forgets to put the toilet paper back on the roll - "REALLY?" or my dogs are being goobs and won't pose for pics (LOL!) another.."Really?" That's my word. I love it. I use it alot. Maybe a little too much...

Have a supercalifragilisticexpealidocious sort of day!
(don't worry I don't use that word too much, hee hee)

[ohhh p.s! I wanted to say thank you so much for your sweet comments on my itty bitty studio!! I just love my space and enjoyed sharing it with all of you! So thank you again! :)]


ashlee said...

Awesome layout! as usual!!! Im off to think about a word......

Nat said...

What a cool challenge- and I so so love your layout - REALLY!!!! LOL. I need to think about my word ;-)

renee lamb said...

WORD! Hee hee - I hear ya on that! Your layout is supercalifragilisticeexpealidocioius!, that's a mouth full and thankfully NOT word we use very often!

I am going to have to think of a word I use alot too...although, I am close to agreeing that I say REALLY alot too - it beats what REALLY wants to come out of my mouth LOL!!! Awesome layout hun - you never fail to knock me off my rocker!! :D hugs to ya sweets!!

Amy Coose said...

I just love this LO, Les. It might be one of my new favs of yours.

LoRi said...

Word! Really?? My favorite word is wicked. It's a Boston thing. That is so wicked cool isn't it??


Raechelle said...

This layout is fantastic! You really rock these challenges!
BWT, your scrappy space is awesome! :)

Nicole said...

Great challenge. I would have to think about my word. I am sure I have a couple LOL

Becky said...

GIRL....your pages soooo inspire me!
Miss you bunches

Anna Sigga said...

LOL!!! Ohh my I can not belive that "WORD" is not cool anymore!!!!

MMaaaaan I must be getting older!!;o)

Fab layout and your studio is FANTABULOUS!!!!!!!

Julie O. said...

Fun challenge! Great layout. Gosh, I have so much to say...I should send you a pm! LOL!

First of all, what a nice surprise to see your sweet face on my blog. I've been so lame and haven't spent any time on the puter so I miss everyone at CMK!! It was fun to also see Ember and Daniela!

Secondly, my son wants the Mario game....dare I?

Thirdly, your room is OUTSTANDING! I love your furniture and how nicely organized you are. What an inspiration!

Lastly, yup...I was in Texas for the second time in 6 months and I'm comin' back again in July! Seeing you on your blog has just made me realize that you live in FW??? Yes??? That's where I'm coming next!!

I'll whip my self back into shape and get back on the board so we can chat more.


Anabelle said...

Love that layout. I have no idea what my word is...Hmmmm...I'll have to think about it. :)

Kim Moreno said...

Hey chica... I'm moving to your neck of the woods end of this month!! We are gonna have to get together at some point and scrap!!

Gretchen said...

What a great challenge! LOVE your layout - it really makes me want to try 12x12... must step out of my bubble, lol!

Norma Kennedy said...

Really Lelie do u have to be so creative and oh my ur Scrap room is like Really perfect but girl u are Really and I mean Really Sweet !!!! xoxo


Kathleen Taylor said...

Leslie, I love your layout (but I always do !;)....) What a great challenge...I do use a word..DH and I do..."Seriously..YO!" From the cartoon Grim Adventures..I know. Too much cartoons when you have little ones LOL We know we are sad. Have a great day

carrie*postma said...

you Sweet thang! Thanks for checking on me :0)
This is an awesome challenge. I already know my word...I say it waaaaayyyyy too much but, I can't help it. it's "awesome". LOL!

echowein said...

Cute layout! It must a "mom" thing to say "really?" I say, "oh snap!" 10yro doesn't think it's funny.