Thursday, July 31, 2008

**And We're OFF**

We are hitting the road in just a few hours and I can't WAIT!!!

We're off to see the Wizard..the wonderful wizard of OZ!

Just kidding...we are really on our way to Tennesee & North Carolina. :)

Have a happy week everyone!

(I will update as often as I can - IF I can - with photo's of our journey along the way)


themacmomma said...

Hey woman!
I'm poppin' in to say hi!
Have a good time on your vaca!!!

~Nancy~ said...

Have fun Leslie!!!! Just can't wait to hear all about it! XOXO

Renee Lamb said...

I wish you were closer to me in NC - we've passed like ships in the night on both our vacays! LOL- ONE day though we WILL meet! I hope you have a fabulous vacation - I've missed ya girl! and love all that you've done while I was away! You rock!!

Amy said...

Have fun and be safe!!! see ya when you get back!!

Anonymous said...

have a wicked fun and safe trip my friend!!
LoRi R.

Amy W. said...

was just thinking of you are missed here in scrappyland. ;) {hugs}

carrie*postma said...

hope your having a good time! :0)