Thursday, July 10, 2008

**Feeling Sneaky?**

Hi! Guess who's back up for air - ME!! :) I'm here and ready to share some Glitz CHA summer releases with you! :) I hope you enjoy...

Here I used the new "Hot Mama" collection which you can see right here--> Hot Mama

I also used the new Glitzers! Check them out here ---------> Glitzers

For this one I used the new "Basics" collection - check it out here-------> Basics

(I just LOVE all the new rub-ons and they go on like butter!)

My silly Guitar Hero playing girl is seen on the new "Glam" collection seen here ----->Glam

Crazy boy and his pink controller, hee hee! He's on the "Angst" collection seen here ----> Angst

(aren't the new Glitz letter stickers GREAT! I can't get enough of them)

You might recognize some sweet girls here!! That's Ember (left) and Daniela (right) when I met them at the Great American Scrapbook Convention last month.
I used the new "Gigi" collection for this layout. Gigi can be found here -----> Gigi

I used the negative from one of rub ons - (the image looks kinda like a "ghost" and I thought it was so cool so I had to use it!)

Here we have the CUTEST of cute new "Hallow " collection. See it in full here----> Hallow

The letter stickers have this gorgeous color glitter in them. Distressing them is so easy and fun!

Last but not least...we have the new "Kringle" collection. See here----> Kringle
I just LOVE all the bright colors!

**Thanks so much for taking a peek!! I love the new releases and I hope you do too :) Be sure to check out the Glitz blog for fun things!
Have a GREAT week - oh look it's almost the weekend already! YAY!!!


Renee Lamb said...

amazing amazing amazing. oh, did i say amazing???? seriously - you did all those Glitz lines BEAUTIFUL JUSTICE. wow wow wow. makes me seriously want to get those now! oh and um...HEEEELLLLOOO...did that Hot Mama line work PERFECTLY for your DD's prom dress?? SOOOOOO awesome! I think that one is my favorite - if I could even choose a favorite - since they're all my favorite - hmmmm...that was almost as confusing as a chinese fortune cookie! anhoo- awesome work my dear! you really knocked my socks off with the Glitz sneaks! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Staci said...

Oh my, Leslie, you out-do yourself every time!! Seriously fabulous work!! I'm so loving all those new lines after seeing your creations! GREAT job!!

Sasha said...

THUD..I just passed out WOW .. those are fabulous .. WOW

~Kim said...

Wowzers...I had to scroll up and down several times to take it all in. AWESOME LOs...I love them all so much. You have such a style that just seems to be so funky and fun and just cool.

I do have to ask one thing: where in the world did you girls get that awesome dress that Savannah has on???? What does the front look like? That is the coolest dress EVER! I love zebra print and paired with hot fun!


Lea L. said...

Oh my wow Leslie!! Your layouts are all so stunning!! You rocked the Glitz product my friend...totally rocked it!!

It is SO awesome that the Hot Mama paper matched your daughter's perfect is that!

I would say I am impressed...but I'm really not. You always do such stellar work..this is just the norm for you. ;) (This is totally TIC...hope you know that!)

Love ya,

KimmyS said...

Woooooo you have been a scrapping fool and I LOVE LOVE every single one of your layouts. So cool and you have now got me hooked on the glitz!

ToneF said...

Hi Leslie!!!
I wanted to thank you sooo much for the gorgeous RAK I got from you for my "Fabulous-LO" at the TDX!!!
So many lovely things, it was so fun to win a prize from your fabulous blog :o)

Love your layouts, so many beautiful things you create!!!

Wishing you a lovely summer :D


Daniela said...

Wow, wow, wow!!! I don't know how you come up with all these wonderful ideas. All these layouts are awesome. I love all the new stuff!!! I finally got to play with my roller stamps, I love them!!!!!!!!!!

Nicole said...

Love ALL the projects Leslie! Awesome!

Susannah said...

AWESOME again! You are so talented and creative. Your style amazes me. WOW wOw WOW! great job!

Amy said...

WOW GIRL!!!!!!!! Your work is out of this world good!!!! The detail and the colors are always awesome!!
Can I be you when I grow up?!?!?!

Dena said...

Some of your BEST WORK EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Blown away here just totally blown away Leslie.
You were MADE for Glitz!

Lisa said...

You and Glitz are a match made in heaven! Actually inspires me to try "using" the stuff!