Monday, July 7, 2008

**Good, Bad & the Ugly**

Hi everyone :) Not much into blogging today so I thought I'd just share our latest challenge over at the Design Experiment. It's all about the "good, bad & the ugly".
Here is the challenge:
"We all have good and bad things about ourselves so I would love for you to scrap what you think is the good, the bad & the ugly of yourself. It can be anything from being a caring person to being addicted to Starbucks. Just get creative."
Oh golly do I have ALOT of those, but I just touched on a few of them below:
(Layout to return soon - it's been picked up for publication!)
That's me. In a few words. In a silly pic my hubby snapped of me. Silly me.
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You should do this challenge and when you your layout in the comment
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Have a wonderful day!