Wednesday, July 2, 2008

**I mean REALLY how CUTE is SHE??**

Pink? Polka Dots? WHOA...hold please. WHAT more could you POSSIBLY ask for??
This my Toadette.
I just unlocked her last night on Mario Kart Wii.
I had to tell Baby Peach to please move over for a bit because well...who can resist her oh so cuteness???
I **shrieked** like a little girl when I saw I'd unlocked her!!

Conversation after my shriek...

ME: LOOK! I just unlocked total cuteness!!!
Shaypher: Wow, Mom. (I hinted a rather sassy tone to his wow- imagine that...)
ME: Shaypher..WHAT does that mean?
Shaypher: It means you play Mario Kart entirely too much.

Hope you're having a GREAT Wednesday!
I'm off to dinner with my hubby!! :)
Oh and a round of Mario Kart as aka: Toadette ;)


Renee Lamb said...

OKAY...TOTALLY LMAO right now with that exchange. I can almost hear the sarcasm in Shaypher's voice! ha ha ha! BUT I would've been there shrieking with you! I WANT THAT GAME! darnit! when I DO finally get it - you, Dena and me need to battle it out online. Capise? and way to go unlocking all that total pink polka cuteness!

Raechelle said...

OMG, she is ADORABLE!!! Ashlyn and I both want to unlock her now. I have a mission. lol!
Have a fantastic 4th sweets!

Amy W. said...

aw she is cute! i need to play more...kinda got away from the wii for a bit. :)

dannisdoodles said...

I don't have a Wii but OMGosh, she's cute enough to consider it, wowsers! Have a wonderful dinner with hubby and the creations, every one, are jaw-dropping!!!!

Staci said...

Ok, Leslie, you are entirely too cute! I love that you are into mariokart, except that it makes me mad all over again that my DH traded our Wii in for an XBOX 360 (without telling me... the nerve!). I've never been into video games before, but the Wii is seriously fun! Your new banner is very cool, and your layouts (and altered box!) are incredible, as always!

Danielle Holsapple said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I feellike a loser b/c I can't play video games to save my life!!!! But she is cute!!!!

TheShermanFam said...

HA HA!!! You are crackin' me up!!!! I can just hear the sarcasm from your son. But she is pretty cute...YOU need a little hat like that!
Hope you had fun with DH at dinner!

Miss Em said...

I agree way too much Mario Cart! She is cute though I must admit. Also love the banner. Mine still needs help. Have a good weekend.

Nicole said...

LOL well I think she is cute WTG!

Amy said...

yep she is pretty cute I must say!! And so are you.
By the way I love the banner!!!

Danielle said...

LOL!!! How fun is that?! She is pretty cute!!

~Nancy~ said...

Awww.. she's adorable!!! So cute!!!! Hey.. and looove your new banner!!!! XOXO

Janette said...

Hehehehe! You are too cute! BUT you are right she is adorable! =)

Hugs to you. Hope you had a yummy dinner with your hubby.

Danielle said...

Leslie, I CANNOT believe you have never had a Jamba Juice!!!!!! You've gotta try one, they are so good!!!! Do you kids like them?

Dena said...

Shut up! She is soo cute. I haven't played in several days and have only unlocked a few things. None of which are cute people LOL!
I love being baby Peach. But would gladly toss her to the side for Toadette!

Shanna said...






I love the WII!!! Wish we owned one! Prolly a good thing or i'd be playin' all day!!!!

Kristi Smith said...

That is too funny. I am a bad mom. I know nothing about the Wii, and yes, we have it. Just got Rock Band.

You are so funny. You have to be a great mom.