Wednesday, July 2, 2008

**I mean REALLY how CUTE is SHE??**

Pink? Polka Dots? WHOA...hold please. WHAT more could you POSSIBLY ask for??
This my Toadette.
I just unlocked her last night on Mario Kart Wii.
I had to tell Baby Peach to please move over for a bit because well...who can resist her oh so cuteness???
I **shrieked** like a little girl when I saw I'd unlocked her!!

Conversation after my shriek...

ME: LOOK! I just unlocked total cuteness!!!
Shaypher: Wow, Mom. (I hinted a rather sassy tone to his wow- imagine that...)
ME: Shaypher..WHAT does that mean?
Shaypher: It means you play Mario Kart entirely too much.

Hope you're having a GREAT Wednesday!
I'm off to dinner with my hubby!! :)
Oh and a round of Mario Kart as aka: Toadette ;)