Monday, July 21, 2008

**THAT was Random**

as my daughter would say...
I'm up late and feeling rather "random" so I decided to type 101 random things about me & the fam...

1. I'm always up LATE. Why I never know..I always hate it the next morning.
2. I had SO MUCH FUN with my 4 high school girlfriends last night!
3. 40 is knocking on my back door...I hit the half b-day this month EEK!
4. Pink + me = happiness.
5. I love Diet Dr. Pepper.
6. I realized traveling with my 2 sisters and daughter that I now have muscles in my stomach I NEVER knew existed (uncontrollable laughter)
7. I flew, literally - Sunday. (remind me to look down before I walk - I got caught up in my bag I was unpacking..umm DUH?)
8. It hurt when I landed. (I scored a monster bruise & jammed toe!)
9. The Dark Knight is my fave movie right now. Just saw it for the 2nd time in 2 days.
10. I'm about to have a senior in high school :(
11. And a junior :(
12. I LOVE the smell of notebook paper.
13. OH and a brand new box of Crayola Crayons make me smile.
14. I always wanted the job of naming each crayon.
15. I now know what mirror level is on Mario Kart Wii
16. 10 more days until we leave for our vacation. I'm so excited!
17. We're renting an SUV....
18. Not in the mood to buy another car out of town (LONG story, LOL)
19. I just had my hair cut & colored last week for my trip :)
20. Gosh what was I thinking to think of 101 random things?
21. I know that didn't count. Well technically neither did this...ha!
22. I am FREEZING right now.
23. Working on some layouts tomorrow.
24. Using pics of my polka dot shoes
25. I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants on Saturday night.
26. I love that I'm still so close to my best friends from high school.
27. Savannah loves her job at Chick Fil A
28. Shaypher doesn't. He's turning in his notice tomorrow :(
29. Savannah bought the CUTEST Guess purse today. With HER money (that's the BEST part, hee hee)
30. Alan tried really hard to stay up with me.
31. He failed...he's sawing logs behind me.
32. Dogs I can't believe how loud they can snore sometimes!
33. I've slacked on my Weight Watchers
34. Going strong again in the morning.
35. I love my new glasses.
36. Started my Christmas wish list...
37. New camera is #1
38. One more new lens too?
39. Wishful thinking..I love doing that.
40. I have a crush on Christian Bale.
41. It's ok, Alan knows.
42. I also love Edward Cullen
43. Yep, he knows that too.
44. Twilight Fan...big time.

45. Can't WAIT for the movie in December.
46. The 4th book comes out while I'm on vacation.
47. I've already told the fam I'm stopping at the nearest book store for my copy.
48. I'm reading an interesting series right now.
49. Savannah just finished it. She told me I had to read it.
50. The first book is called Crank. Ellen Hopkins wrote it.
51. I'm reading the 2nd one - Glass.
52. Love the way it's written.
53. I'm really being random huh?
54. I'm like that.
55. Sometimes. Ok so all the time.
56. I was born & raised here in Fort Worth, Texas.
57. My hubby was born in Marietta, Georgia.
58. He lived in California when I met him.
59. He moved here to be with me.
60. I'm SO lucky! :)
61. I really wish I knew how to sew.
62. Measured myself today...I'm still the shortest person in my family.
63. I absolutely love Pomengrante Cranberry Juice.
64. Especially when it's a little frozen with ice slushies
65. Mexican food is my WEAKNESS.
66. Had the best salad today at Chili's.
67. You have to try's the Quesadilla Explosion Salad.
68. Which reminds me...
69. Have I ever told you the story of me running like Napolean Dynamite?
70. Quite comical...
71. I'll save it for a rainy day.
72. I've had a thing for funky fabric lately. On my layouts.
73. I have 957 songs on my Ipod.
74. It's a sickness.
75. I start out with alot of "I's" ...
76. Oh this is random about me though...
77. Oops, cheating again...
78. Shaypher's name was going to be Scarlett if he was a girl.
79. I don't like that name anymore...I'm very happy he was a boy.
80. I don't know another Shaypher.
81. Oh Because my sister gave her friend the idea to name her last 2 kids Savannah & Schaefer. (her spelling)
82. It didn't make me happy at first. Now I think it's cute.
83. I'm really hoping you're still reading this.
84. But I'm totally ok if you're not.
85. When I taught preschool - I sang to my kids all the time.
86. I was always told I'm nuttier than my class.
87. ME? ;)
88. I love love love hearts.
89. We're looking for a new church home.
90. I want to learn how to crochet.
91. And take a cooking class.
92. I'm taking Savannah's senior pics next week before we leave for vacation.
93. I'm lost without my cell phone.
94. Texting is one of my fave things.
95. I've gotten pretty fast!
96. Next month I'm going to see American Idol on tour!
97. BIG fan of Big Brother. I'm loving #10 so far :)
98. New fan of "Secret Life of the American Teenager"
99. Molly Ringwald's the MOM in that show.
100. I was and forever will be a HUGE Molly Ringwald fan...
101. I even dressed like her in the 80's.

WOW! I did it!
I'm going to bed now...
Have a GREAT day!