Thursday, July 17, 2008

**The Tour, Pretty Girl & Bears...OH MY!**

Pretty cheesy title, huh? LOL!!

The tour....ROCKED! Oh boy did we girls have a GREAT trip! Nothing like travelling with my 2 sisters & daughter. We laughed, laughed and even laughed some more. Our tummies were KILLING us from all the laughter. SOOOO we've been back for a few days & it's taken me these few days to catch up on my sleep. No sleep when you travel with MY sisters. ;)

Savannah LOVES Baylor. Really funny because she was DEAD set on this school that's a mere 25 minutes from our house (TCU) because she wanted to live at home. Well once she set foot on this campus, she changed her mind (she made this comment: "Baylor has CUTE boys!" Oh great...what have I got myself into? LOL) and is now doing all she can to get her feet permanently planted here. My sister is THRILLED because she graduated from here and she has always wanted her nieces/nephews to go here. Time will tell of course - we're certainly saying LOTS of prayers as to where God wants her to be....

Here's a few snapshots of the princess on her tour...

Baylor's mascot is the bear...."sic 'em bears!"

This bookstore was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

Isn't she just the CUTEST??

Can you just SEE the anticipation on her face?

Looks like she's saying: "uhh huh I can handle this school but can it handle ME?" HA!

Modeling one of her many momento's from the day....

The tour guide is showing the group (Savannah's the first one) the ginormous rock climbing wall that Baylor built in the Student Center. It was a competition between Baylor & UT (Austin) to see who could build the tallest. Baylor succeeded...they've got a huge bear paw at the top which is what the guide is showing them....

Glam girl...

It's a whole new world you're entering, sweet girl...take baby steps :)

Be proud of you....we sure ARE! Hard work & determination will get you anywhere!

I hope you enjoyed the tour shots. In just a few short weeks she starts her senior year and I know it's going to FLY by like the wind. Kleenex...I need kleenex.

Have a happy week!