Wednesday, August 27, 2008

**The Concert, A Layout & other Tidbits**

I promise to show you my final day of vacation pics - soon!

I've been SO TIRED today! Why you wonder? Well good grief - from the concert of ALL concerts! I have to tell you - this concert right here:

It was one of the BEST concerts I've been to! I LOVED it!! I couldn't sit still - none of us could! Alan & I took Savannah and her best friend, Abbie. We were fortunate to get GREAT seats and unbelievable prices. What a SHOW! ALL of the contestants did such a good job. Of course David Cook is amazing and it's no wonder he's our Idol - he can belt it! I'm SO glad we got to go!

**Something good came out of something bad Sunday for me - I was so sad but I am so thankful too!
~~PLUS - I have some fun news to share with you!! All of these I will share when I post my vaca pics - so be on the lookout!!

I'm off to bed but before I go let me leave you with my Design X layout for this week's challenge #24.
Our challenge is:
"Conduct an interview and scrap it! It can be an interview with one of your kids, your spouse, your BFF, your neighbor, whoever! You can ask hard hitting questions or just fun random with it!"

I took the challenge a different way since I really wanted to scrap this silly pic I took a few days ago of my pup, Duster. He was being so cute and I wanted to snap his picture. Look what I got:
(layout to return soon - it's out for publication!)
Isn't that funny? It's like he was telling me he was DONE with pictures. I just had to use it for my subject this week.

You should play along! It's easy, all you have to do is go to: and read the challenge. Do your layout. Post your link to your layout in the comment section. You will have the chance to win a FUN FUN FUN Rak prize!!!

~~Alright, that's all for tonight folks - my body's a weary one!
Love to you all,
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"Girl" said...


I don't know how I discovered your blog but I am really enjoying reading and checking out your great scrappy stuff! Girl, you have a daily blog stalker now. lol

Selena in San Angelo, TX

Amy Coose said...

OOOHHHH, can't wait to hear your news!!! Love the LO of your sweet furbaby.

Shanna said...

leslie!!! I heart your blog! i need to try a challenge over at designX!!! love your poochie page! sweetness!

Andrea Amu said...

I also really want to get in on the challenges over at the design X blog, but it will have to wait until I get all moved into our new digs! I always love the pages you do for the challenges...nothing short of awesome! ;)

Nicole said...

Haha! Love the LO! What a great challenge! I would love to go see the AI concert! Glad you had a good time! Get some rest woman!

Renee Lamb said...

You KNOW how much I LOVE this layout! super cute and as always - OUT OF THIS WORLD AMAZING! And soooooooo green with jealousy that you got to go to that concert! how fun!!!! and to see David C. live....sigh...thud...(me fainting) - ;) hugs!

Staci said...

Gosh do I love this LO, Leslie! You are so freakin' creative it's scary!! I'm soo jealous of the AI tour, and I'm very curious about your news - you tease ;-)

ellen said...

that is one cool lo! i go to the concert the 8th!! can't wait!!!! i am even going with MIL and excited. lol!

Mireille said...

lol.. dropping by.. normally too shy to say hi.. but.. these last few lines made me smile SOOO much


*waving from Holland!*

Ki said...

Oh my word! That picture is fabulous!! Love your spin on this challenge - you keep me in awe!