Friday, August 22, 2008

**Pics Pics & even more...PICS**

Oh boy am I behind a LOT on showing you trip pictures!! We're almost done! (ALMOST!) I have another day to show you...this is our next adventure - enjoy!

These pictures are from The Great Smoky Mountains in North Carolina - as we were on our way to go see Alan's daddy in Sylva - we made a couple of stops. Going through the gorgeous mountains on the Cherohala Skyway - I noticed GORGEOUS scenery so we stopped and snapped these:

That VIEW! (the family & the mountain view-spectacular!!) HA! I see my lens and lenscap in front of them - DO NOT KICK THAT off...(they didn't, LOL)

Isn't that just GORGEOUS!!! God's beautiful creation just amazes me :)

My hair is blowing - my HAIR is blowing! (I hate when my hair blows!! "Gosh - you're such a GIRL!" - those words uttered by my oh so handsome son(even when he squints, hee hee) you see pictured with me here...(gotta love him ;) )

I love this shot!

Wow we're up HIGH. We even went HIGHER. (insert bug eyes and lots of ear popping here)

(This is what goobers do.....)

Ok so now we're on our way - moving RIGHT along...we pass THIS sign. I know some of you may see a sign like this and think..."Umm what is she doing taking a picture of a sign like that?" and "Oh man we see that everyday!" LOL...well this is just something you don't see in Texas - well at least I don't ...

Ohhhhh ohhhhh I pick THAT one...the one on the very far right on the top...or wait should I go with the one on the left? Orrr.....oh well I have a few months to decide, right?

AND - I told my hubby if we see someone selling home made jellies or honey - he must stop.
Isn't he sweet? He really DID stop for me!

I don't know - it's something about the sign that draws me in....

and the jellies.....

I got this one - well a peach, a grape & a plum. I got honey too. Yum. WAY yum.

So next it was time for a picnic in this beautiful nature park and photo's of course!!

Peek a BOO!

I SEEEEE you! (wow - it doesn't take alot to amuse me - I'd say us but the kids would tell me speak for myself - so I am, hee hee...)

And who can resist an old fence for a photo op??

NOT ME! Aren't they the cutest kids? I just love those 2!

I think that's the prettiest wildflower!

This one too!

and now we're onto our destination of adventure for the day - Linville Falls!

Gosh it was pretty HOT and they wanted me to do what? HIKE? ME? Oh my....

Awwww. that tree's COLD without it's leaves! (I really like how this photo turned out!)
Ok so far so good - I mean it's hot but I'm good! We're just walking and walking and walking....(next time though? Remind me to NOT wear cute ballet flats - enough said, right?)
Gosh she's just the PRETTIEST little thing!
Have I ever told you I LOVE them? :)

Almost there....a few more steps.....

YAY!! Here we are!! This is the lowest point of the peaceful and serene!
Now let's walk a little, just a little BIT more....come on..almost there!

THERE!! YAY!!! The highest point! I DID IT (in ballet flats even! GO ME!)
Man...that was some kind of HILL!

I worked up an appetite...
BUT not to worry - I didn't eat them, just basked in the beautifulness of them...(if that's even a word)
Nuh uh...I am telling you that sign's lying. The decimal needs to go BEHIND the number, not beside it....(ok ok I'm kidding - it's not lying - it just FELT like 3 and 4 miles....(insert "gosh you're such a girl" here again....)

Remember that COOL red wildflower from earlier? Ok WOW - check this one out I saw on the trail! (but I have to say my hubby took this picture - that camera felt like 500 lbs around my neck so he carried it for me. I wish it was ME he'd have carried. LOL!)

Saw some WAY COOL and TALL as all get out trees.....

Gorgeous huh?
Ummm....I'm not even going to touch this one. Literally.

So that's it for our journey to Linvale Falls! We had a GREAT (and EXHAUSTING day!) next stop - off to see his daddy...(I'll post those sweet pics tomorrow!)
I'll leave you with this cute little church I saw on our way back down the was just there all by itself...I had to take a pic....

Hope you're having a GREAT weekend! I'm busy working on some layouts for CMK, Design X and some Glitz too! (You'll have to check out the Glitz blog the week of Aug 28th - I'll be posting a GREAT 10 minute project!)
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