Monday, August 18, 2008

**Ruby Slippers? & A Layout**

I totally forgot to pack my ruby slippers to wear to Ruby Falls!
Oh it's ok...I might have slipped anyway ;) We were so deep underground!
SO our next adventure was the very next day - we drove up to Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, Tenn to go see Ruby Falls.
Ever been there? If not - you MUST go. It's GORGEOUS!
You have to click that link to read the cool history behind the falls and how they found them underground.

Here's pics from our day:

The fam as we're about to go in for our tour :)

We went down in an elevator pretty fast and ended at our destination in 23 seconds - wow!
For some reason - silly Shaypher wanted a pic of the "this way in" sign...he said it was funny.

Sometimes the ceiling was this low. Alan & Shaypher had to duck alot. Savannah & me not so much. Well she did a couple of times but me?'s ok at least my feet touch the ground, right? ;)

No he wasn't following Shaypher - although he looks like he is huh?
This is just one of many examples of how the rocks formed under ground in the caverns - wild huh?

a moment to pose for their mom :)

Another example - pretty wild how that really looks like an elephant's foot!

And here's some more interesting things we saw:

(look REALLY close - he's there!)

(that would be me - slow as a turtle...)

I would have hated to see the dragon that posed for this one.
(Oh how laughter is good for the soul!) Another example of the rock formation...

And now we've reached the falls - we've travelled almost a mile underground...
The tour guide told us if we wanted to capture gorgeous pictures of the "Falls" we had to wait until the light show and turn off our flash
- otherwise you'd get a pic of the family with water behind them, like a shower
- for example:

(she wasn't lying)

The beautiful light show - the beautiful Falls---

(sorry it's so blurry - my camera was working hard and boy was it DARK!)

I went UNDER the Falls - caught this shot....

again - sorry for the blurry kids - no flash....

outside - on part of Lookout Mountain..

He's so cute!
Explorer Savannah....

Isn't she gorgeous?

Not to mention - so very sweet!

SO that's it for the next day - more to come!
Now I give you a layout I did the other day - it's for the Design X challenge this week. It was my week and I wanted to do a challenge that was simple - yet a little bit powerful too. So I came up with: "Describe your very best friend" Here's MY very best friend:

The title & journaling speak for themselves - I'm such a lucky girl to have a great guy like mine! :)

a couple of close ups....
Be sure to check out the challenge! What a cool RAK you could be entered in!!
If you've read this far in my visual post - thank you! :) Say hi if you get a chance.
I adore each one of you - thank you once again for your prayers :)


Jennifer said...

looks like a fun trip!! And I LOVE your layout...amazing!!

Nicole said...

AHem!! Where are the pics of YOU?? LOL

Love seeing all your trip pics! Those caverns look awesome. Love the waterfall pics!

Amy W. said...

luv ur stuff as always! amazing pics girl! love seeing your trip highlights. :) tfs!!! ~hugs!

Kimberly said...

YAY!!!! I finally have some time to devote to getting caught up with you! I LOVE all these great shots you captured of your fun time with your family!!! LOVE that creative LO too.
Lots of loves and blessings,

Chelsea Van Tol said...

Layouts are awesome as usual... I love your handwriting/journalling!

Danielle said...

that layout is amazing! love the new photos! looks like a super fun day!!!!!

LoRi said...

Loving all of your pictures, Les! And the layout, well, I can never get enough of your beautiful, heartfelt journaling. You are a master at mixing awesome embellishments and papers for a gorgeous effect. Brilliant!

Staci said...

This LO is so fantastic Leslie! In every way!! I'm loving see your trip pics - that light show looks way cool! And it's always nice to see your beautiful children's smiling faces! :-)

Lyn said...

I loved seeing your photos! I used to be a tour guide in a cave in PA and they brought back lots of memories!!! Love your Design X layout... my hubby is my very best friend too!

Andrea Amu said...

You are a hoot, Ms. Leslie! Love the tour of photos! And again, that layout is da'BOMB! Love it, girl! :)

Kathleen Taylor said...

What a beautiful layout! You are an inspiration. Like I have not said that before right? LOL Ruby Falls looks amazing. And your kids are gorgeous. I hope all is well. Have I told you lately that you ROCK!!?? Well, you do. ;)

Renee Lamb said...

lovin' the pics from your trip! Looks like so much fun! I want to be in your family!! LOL and great shots of the falls...what type of editing do you use for your photos? love the effect? is it an action????? anyway - you already KNOW how much I absolutely LOVE your page from DX - you are my idol.

Lea L. said...

Looks like you have had LOTS of fun these days Leslie! That is awesome! And your layout is gorgeous, BTW!


Brandi said...

Love your photos! The last time I was in a cave like that I was 8.5 months pregnant and there was no elevator! Our tour guide kept asking me if I was OK! LOL! I adore that page too!

Sasha said...

Hey girl wassup boo boo .. just stoppin in to see how my teammate doing .. girl whatchu doing this weekend .. love ya .. the one and only silly girl ..