Wednesday, September 10, 2008

**HE is HOME!**

One day I was playing with Potter and I said..."Come here little pitter patter, Potter".

It stuck. He's "Pitter Patter" Potter. I have no idea why - I like to rhyme things sometimes. That's the only explanation. That and I just think it's cute. Say it. It's really fun to say. Go it's in your head and you'll be saying it all the time. ;)

He's home and boy are we all relieved he's here!!
He's resting right now. Right here next to me. We are both snuggling in my big chair with my computer on my lap and his little body right next to me. He's doing well.

I've taken some pics of him :) When you first look at him he looks no different. The swelling's gone down so much it just looks like his little mouth is closed. You'd have to see him yawn or hold his head up to see the damage. Well it's not damage anymore- it's his totally rebuilt chin. The doctor did an amazing job. AMAZING! ! Thank you Dr. Hill!!

He's on ALOT of medication. Many of you have asked what he's eating. He's having to eat soft cat food for 2 weeks. Well cat food and it has to be mixed with the soft dog food to make sure he gets the fats he needs to restore his energy and strength. He loves it. I've fed him once tonight (because they tried to tell me he LOVES his medicine with his syringe...umm yeah right. Not so much. SOOO I had to put it in his food so he'd lap it up)

I'm off to go snuggle closer with my brave little fur guy - but before I go I wanted to share my TDX layout with you:

We had to scrap our biggest fears. I've already done that with my fear of clowns (YUCK) so I went another route - my fear of "have I taught her everything she needs to know?"

Night everyone - thank you from the bottom of my heart. All our hearts.
Much love to you all -
~Me (and Potter)