Saturday, September 13, 2008

**HEY IKE --- take a HIKE!**

I mean **REALLY???**
Look what you've done! Look what you're doing. It's time for you to Ike, get your hiney outta here!

**I'm praying for ALL of you in Ike's path...Houston, Galveston, etc....

I wanted to update to let everyone know that yes..Ike's here but we're a-ok here. No power outage, no damage.

I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and we're getting some of Ike's yuck - it's windy & rainy. It's nothing compared to what the guys on the coast are getting, so please, please pray for everyone.

Ike's heading towards the eastern part of Texas and going up.

(Alright Ike, Tina called---dinner's ready)


Staci said...

Oh yuck! I sure hope Ike listens to you and does take a hike - i'm sure that's scary to be so close! I hope you guys continue to stay safe, girl!!

LoRi said...

worrying about a hurricane is so stressful. i don't know how the gulf coast does it! i am totally praying for minimal damage and injuries. hey girl, i have cousins in plano and when i go visit them i am totally stoppin in to the ashe household! xoxo

Danielle said...

I was thinking about you, wondering if you guys were out of the danger zone. Stay safe Leslie! Thanks for the update!!! How is Potter doing?

NancyJones said...

so glad yall are all right! Thougth about you!
My brother lives in Grapevine. He said it was pretty windy up there but not too bad. I think Ike is just gonna keep travelin around rainin on everthang. He needs to chill huh?

Miss ya chicky
big hugs

Dena said...

You crack me up with Hey Ike, Tina called LOL.
So glad that you are safe and sound. Stay that way :)

Nicole said...

Glad you guys are ok! Ike looks like he is a pretty nasty! {{HUGS}}

Ki said...

Bwahahaha....Alright Ike, Tina called....dinner's ready! Oh how I love your sense of humor!!