Tuesday, September 9, 2008

**I Totally BELIEVE**

in the power of prayer.

I truly do.

My sweet little Potter is alive and alert. I believe prayers are the reason.

We just got home from the ICU puppy clinic and here's the latest update:

First I have to tell you - Potter is amazing.

Potter was severely injured. He's had reconstructive surgery. He lost almost half of his lower chin/jaw and all of his incisors. He has one canine still there. His back teeth are all still there - that's amazing! Meaning - once he's healed and gets back to eating - he can eat anything. (Although - I'm going to put him on soft foods and will probably leave him on them.)
He's got so many stitches on the inside and outside I lost count. He will have his stitches in for a minimum of 14 days - maybe 30...depending on how he looks in 14 days.

The vet is amazed at how he is recovering. He says he's never seen a dog who was damaged so badly have the will Potter has - the fight in him. Especially being so LITTLE. I told you - Potter is amazing :) He told us that he's going to let him come home tomorrow evening. That is sooner than his original thought of at least 5-10 days! WOW! He will have to learn how to eat again. That won't take him long though - he sure loves to eat!

Just yesterday we thought we were losing our little guy. Today we get the best news ever. We are so relieved and happy. It doesn't matter to us that he will look different. He's the same Potter we've always loved - in fact - he's even better now. Potter's my hero! :) I love that little guy.

This has been a rough & emotionally exhausting journey. Now that we've got the bad behind us, we will focus on getting Potter on the road to recovery and life at home. It will be a LONG road - but one I'm very happy to be on.

My family & I are grateful for the phone calls, emails, thoughts and prayers. You all hold a special place in our hearts. Thank you, thank you, thank you.