Sunday, September 21, 2008

**Pitter Patter Potter Here**

Hi. It's Pitter Patter Potter here **woof-woof**

This is an update from me. Mom said you might want one when I'm starting to feel better. Well she insisted on a photo shoot while outside this morning so you're not only getting an update from little bitty me, but some pictures to go along wiff it. Ohhh sorry, I mean with it. I let my no teeth on the bottom take over and you'll have to excuse me sometimes my words end in "ff" because of it.

I'm feeling a little better. Can you tell? See I want to jump on my mom while she's snapping my picture. You'll see that in one of my pictures.

(think I got too close, sorry!)
In another one you'll see where I've finally decided that barking and talking IS a good way to get attention and so I've decided to do that again (notice photo) I'm sorry if it bothers you that only one tooth is showing - that's my lone bottom tooth that got to stay in my mouth. I'm glad - I like that toof -it's my favorite. :)

Mom says my personality is coming back. Not all the way though. But it's almost there. Doctor told my mom that I will take one full year to heal on my rebuilt jaw/chin. LOOK! Look close. You'll see something amazing. I had no chin. I had no jaw. Doctor had to cut it all out but if you look REALLY close you won't only see my stitches that have to stay in - but there's a little LIP! My doc said it's a miracle that some skin decided to form that way and made me look almost the very same - with a twist. :)

Well I guess that's all. Oh wait - see that picture of me with red stuff in the background? See it really good? THAT is what my mom calls mulch. So when she told you the story she thought that's what was on me - there you go - now you see it. I wanted to make sure you did. (If you will notice the black stuff there too - that's the stuff Dad had to lay down before he put the mulch down. You're not supposed to see that but that's where Bandit lays. He's not supposed to. Don't tell Dad I told ya, k? ;)

I am finished with all of my medicine as of today. I am so happy! It was yucky. Made me feel better though. I know it. What's good for you may not always taste good. I learned that- big time.

Oh and a PLUS happened with my accident. not only do I get more cuddle time (shhh don't tell the others) with mom, but....
I get to EAT 2 times a DAY! **WHOA** that's exciting.

I'm very glad I was feeling good enough to update all of you.
Wait - I'm being distracted...

(sorry - the brothers at the door are distracting me...)

There now....ok so I better go, I'm ready for more cuddle time.

Oh - I have to - scuse me...**woof - woof** (I had a little cough) say thank you for your prayers for me. Mom and Dad say I'm going to be ok. They say because all of you prayed for me and thought good thoughts for me - I'm so happy! **RUFF** you! (that's thank you)

and I **woof ** you!! (I love you!)


PPP - signing out.

p.s. My mom says hi.