Saturday, September 27, 2008

**I Have To Tell You**

(Tulip Girls)
That's my fun news. I'm so excited I can't see straight.
I can't tell you how many emotions have run through me since I got the email from Cindee 2 days ago.
I'm a night owl, as you already know. I was up late, blog hopping. I hear that **ding ding** my email box makes. (I get super giddy when I hear that - sometimes though, a spam email makes me wanna go...HEY!)

Well I saw that there was 1 email in my inbox. I saw who it was from.
I saw the subject. I started getting all sweaty palmed! I read it right away and all the while trying so HARD to keep in my excitement - I couldn't hold it in anymore--I SQUEALED and ran through my house.

Now mind you it's near 1 am and my family has gone to bed. But I only managed to wake up one person - my sweet husband. He's asks: "WHAT! Why are you running around the room??"
I told him my news!! He says: "Oh Leslie - that's great!! I'm so proud of you - now can we go to sleep?" I'm thinking SLEEP? How can I sleep now?
I didn't know if I should email Cindee back right then or wait until morning. I didn't want to look like an overly excited child on Christmas morning.
Guess what - that overly excited child in me won. I emailed her back! ;)

So that's how I heard the news - now I'm getting all nervous (HECK have you SEEN the talented group up there??) and hoping I can do my job - excited that I get to work with such beautiful kits!! Last I started to worry that I would goof up - but in the end, the excitement stayed and I'm just too excited to sit still!

So let me tell you about this fabulous place - Label Tulip!

They make KILLER kits, KILLER! I've been drooling over their kits for a while now!
The DT is amazing! - the gallery is LOADED with gorgeous work.
To be considered and asked to join this team is just the biggest honor! I'm very excited to get to work with the kits, to work with the new team of talented and sweet ladies!

Thank you Label Tulip for this honor! I can't wait to get started :D
Thank you Cindee & Cathy - see my big smile today? :D

GUESS what today is!
Yep - that's right!
It's Scrap Pink @ Create My Keepsake!
Here is my Challenge Layout! The challenge is: "Scrap a page about YOU and YOUR world around YOU using song lyrics. You can find my challenge right HERE

(I used the song lyrics from my fave Christian song by Relient K - you can see the Youtube video here because I have NO IDEA how to load it into Blogger.)

I hope to see you there!!