Friday, October 24, 2008

**FABULOUS Friday Faves**

My dear sweet friend Dena Coe started this Friday Faves posting at her blog one day and I love reading all about her faves!
She inspired me today to post my own...

So without further adieu I give you
my Friday Faves for this week:

#1)...a great movie I've now seen twice!

The Secret Life of Bees <----watch the clip!

#2) Samantha Who. I have to tell you that this show just CRACKS me UP! You gotta watch it - if you don't already!! I laugh SO HARD I cry sometimes!! I bought Season 1 on DVD the other day so I could catch up with Season 2...oh man I'm glad I did. SHE kills me!! LOVE Christina Applegate!!

My next one is a scrappy fave. #3)

The Making Memories SLICE --- I just ordered it!! I had to. Create My Keepsake has a deal going right now that is TOO GOOD to pass up!!
(Click on CMK above to see the deal!)
I've been eyeing it FOREVER. I did a little bit of work and earned some spending $$..what better to use it on! ;) I'm a happy girl and can't WAIT to get it!
Click there ----> SLICE DEMO to see it in action!

This one is bittersweet to me. I found a new artist and I LOVE him. I can't stop playing his music. His name is Jon McClaughlin and the song I'm loving is "Four Years" (click his name to hear the song)\
It makes me cry a little - my girl is just 6 1/2 months
from GRADUATING high school!!
It's a small reminder of what's to come...ACK!

#5) which brings me to my number 5....this girl:
(layout removed for publication)

It's a fave layout of mine right now.
I did it for Create My Keepsake using the "Daily Grind" line from Fancy Pants :)

This is where I'll be tonight - at the football game watching her in the band :)

OHHH which reminds me. I loaded up on Kleenex today.
Why you ask? It's Senior Night tonight.
Which means Alan & I will escort Savannah across
the field as they recognize the Seniors that
are involved in making Friday Nights possible
(football players, band members, cheerleaders, mascots, drill team...etc...)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!