Friday, October 24, 2008

**FABULOUS Friday Faves**

My dear sweet friend Dena Coe started this Friday Faves posting at her blog one day and I love reading all about her faves!
She inspired me today to post my own...

So without further adieu I give you
my Friday Faves for this week:

#1)...a great movie I've now seen twice!

The Secret Life of Bees <----watch the clip!

#2) Samantha Who. I have to tell you that this show just CRACKS me UP! You gotta watch it - if you don't already!! I laugh SO HARD I cry sometimes!! I bought Season 1 on DVD the other day so I could catch up with Season 2...oh man I'm glad I did. SHE kills me!! LOVE Christina Applegate!!

My next one is a scrappy fave. #3)

The Making Memories SLICE --- I just ordered it!! I had to. Create My Keepsake has a deal going right now that is TOO GOOD to pass up!!
(Click on CMK above to see the deal!)
I've been eyeing it FOREVER. I did a little bit of work and earned some spending $$..what better to use it on! ;) I'm a happy girl and can't WAIT to get it!
Click there ----> SLICE DEMO to see it in action!

This one is bittersweet to me. I found a new artist and I LOVE him. I can't stop playing his music. His name is Jon McClaughlin and the song I'm loving is "Four Years" (click his name to hear the song)\
It makes me cry a little - my girl is just 6 1/2 months
from GRADUATING high school!!
It's a small reminder of what's to come...ACK!

#5) which brings me to my number 5....this girl:
(layout removed for publication)

It's a fave layout of mine right now.
I did it for Create My Keepsake using the "Daily Grind" line from Fancy Pants :)

This is where I'll be tonight - at the football game watching her in the band :)

OHHH which reminds me. I loaded up on Kleenex today.
Why you ask? It's Senior Night tonight.
Which means Alan & I will escort Savannah across
the field as they recognize the Seniors that
are involved in making Friday Nights possible
(football players, band members, cheerleaders, mascots, drill team...etc...)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


LoRi said...

Loved the book, I have to see the movie!! I've seen Samantha Who a few times, very cute! You got the Slice already?? I'm so jealous, green with envy!!! I want it! I just downloaded Jon M's new cd. Love it!! And the layout is fabulous, as always! Have an amazing time tonight, my friend. You got me choked up.

Staci said...

Aww, what a special night! Hope you're able to enjoy yourselves through the tears ;-) Oooh, i'm jealous about the slice! I've never really been interested in getting a die cutting machine until this one - it looks so cool! Thanks again for the bead inspo, girl! :-)

Brandi said...

Great list! I remember doing Sr. Walk!

Jocelyn said...

What a special night to celebrate with your daughter! I so agree with Samantha Who, just love that show! I can sit in bed and laugh until Joe peeks in to see if I am losing my mind! I want that slice so bad! Now you have started something my friend. I will consider this purchase all day! Thanks for sharing your faves and I adore you LO and usual, it is stunning! Have a wonderful weekend!

Amy Coose said...

I loved that book! I'll def. have to see the movie. That LO is just gorgeous, Les! It's one of my fav's you've ever done. Great job, as always. The talent that oozes from you is just never-ending. Can't wait to hear about the senior game. ):

Dena said...

You did a Fridays FAVES!!! I am so excited. Hell, I haven't even made it to my Friday fave yet!

I am very jealous of your Slice that is headed your way ;)

and I hope that you had a great last Sr night with Sav.

Audrey Pettit said...

What a gorgeous layout, Leslie! No wonder it's one of your current favorites. Your daughter is beautiful. Take pride in raising such a wonderful young lady. You have obviously given her a fabulous foundation of love and strength upon which to build her future life. Ya done good, girl!

Julie O. said...

Awwwwwe!! Can you believe she's so grown up! I just can't even imagine. What a fantastic layout Leslie. I hope you had a very memorable evening!

Sasha said...

THUD! That was me passing out from this post..

Okay so I love that book Secret Life of Bee's and was sick when it came out, so Ima wait till they bring it on base, but Ima see it boo.

The Slice did you demo it at CHA let me know what you think okay so I can try it too LOL ..

that LO fantabulous..I tagged your cute azz so check my blog tomorrow .. when the post will be up LOL

Pam said...

Beautiful page! I am loving that butterfly!

Susannah said...

GORGEOUS layout and CONGRATS to Savannah and her band I remember those days and those compettitions, they were tough but I loved every minute of it ;0)