Saturday, October 4, 2008

**HSN is putting on some GLITZ**

You like HSN right? You like Glitz too, right?

Could there BE anything better than both at one time? I mean listen to THIS:

GLITZ is going LIVE!!! Laura from Glitz Designs is going on HSN!

Get your Tivo, DVR, vcr, whatever you record on...set it for this date: OCTOBER 9 @ 2 am (EST), 3 am (EST) and 7 am (EST) (times subject to change)

click for time schedule right here ---> GLITZ on HSN

If you want - you can watch it live!
Just click right here ---> GLITZ on HSN - LIVE

AND - my cuties will be there!! Well not them in person, hee hee...
but Laura's going to be showing examples of things using the products she'll be showcasing.

Here's a few of the projects I did that you will see:

I've got MY dvr you? ;)