Sunday, October 26, 2008

**Tag, I'm IT**

I'm finally off my base...(LOL!!) I've been tagged!!
I feel so loved! Thank you silly girls for all the tags!

So Dena, & Sasha -- you got me! Here goes:
(All of the tags are similar so I'm going to do the 7 Random Facts about me:)

1. I absolutely LOVE candy corn & peanuts together. Try is DELISH!

2. 2nd chair flutist here....I used to toot my own horn in middle school. :)

3. I've been referred to as a gum & lipstick hoarder. Well I do like to have at
least 2 different packs (fruity & minty!) of gum & 2 different colors of lippy stick!

4. Anyone or ANYTHING dressed up as a clown or anything like a mascot, scary creature OR even a happy thing (like Barney) FREAK ME OUT. I will run the other way.
No if's, and's or but's about it...I'm outta there! (I had to grin & bear it when
Alan dressed up as Barney the Dinosaur on Shaypher's 1st b-day, LOL!)

5. Why is it I LOVE hot chocolate at home but when I go out somewhere, like Starbucks it's YUCK to me? I have no idea other than I just like the cheap boxes of hot chocolate, LOL!

6. I'm a closet fan -- well not anymore -- of the Jonas Brothers (DO NOT LAUGH!)

7. I can recite word for word Ferris Bueller. I have a talent, huh?! LOL!

I know - my facts are lame - o..........LOL!!!

If you've tagged me and I totally forgot to do your tag - drop me a comment and tell me.
I am so sorry if I did. :)

I'm not tagging anyone because I'm such a bad tagger myself...LOL!
Happy Sunday! I'm off like a dirty shirt!