Monday, November 3, 2008

**All The Way to STATE, San Antonio & TDX**

HI!! How are YOU guys?? How was your weekend??

Oh wow...this weekend has been a BLUR!

Let me tell you all about it...

Friday afternoon we drove to Abilene, Tx
(about 2 1/2 hours away) for our high school
football game. The Richland Rebels HAD been
undefeated and were 8 and 0. We had our
FIRST upset of the season...Abilene High School
beat us 48-28. (little bit homefield advantage?
I'm thinking so...LOL) Anyways...we got home at
around 1 am. Savannah and the band get home
around 2 am. Poor things!! They had to be at
band practice (for a marching contest later in
the day Saturday) at 11 am.

Saturday was the Duncanville Marching

Invitational contest. Duncanville's just 30
minutes away. The kids did AMAZING!!!!!!!
I love our band! THEY put on such a beautiful,
heartwarming show.

I have wonderful results to report from
the contest!!
The band received:

Outstanding Marching, Outstanding Woodwinds,
Outstanding Percussion, Outstanding General
Effect, Outstanding Musical Performance,
Outstanding Visual Performance, Best in class 5A


Big time WOO HOO goes right here!! Yay kids...
way to GO! We BELIEVE!

Here's a shot of the show:

(this is during one of my FAVE parts)

(THIS is the BEST BEST BEST part..the show
is called "BELIEVE" - During this part - where the banner
goes over the ENTIRE band.... they are playing a song from
"We Are Marshall" and it's so BEAUTIFUL!!!
**you don't mind that head in the pic, right? Because...well
...every time I'd go to take the pic, that head was NOT there.
It popped up right when I'd snap! ARGGGHH!!!**

Sunday the kids had a "State Send off" show for
everyone to come and see the kids off to State
competition (which will happen Tuesday morning
at 8:30 am. The kids are headed down there tomorrow
afternoon) and watch the show in its entirety.
It was so wonderful!

Almost my entire family was there to support
Savannah :) I loved that!

Today my family (Alan, Shaypher, my parents &
1 of my sisters) are heading down to San Antonio
to see the competition. I will be back Wednesday
sometime. I'll be sure to post the final results!

I thought I'd leave you with my layout this week
for The Design Experiment. It was my week for the
challenge and one day after Shaypher was making
me laugh SO HARD I decided I had to use him as
an example and inspiration for my challenge prompt.

Here it is:
"Laughter is so good for the soul! Tell me what
makes you laugh! Is it a family member? Something
that happened the other day? Something someone
said or did? Better it something YOU did
that you can't stop laughing about?"

Here is my layout:

and a little closeup (the cardboard is totally
inspired by my sweet 'n sassy TDX team mate
& friend: Sasha Holloway, she cracks me UP!)

(You can't really tell but I used white crackle paint on the
cardboard - in real life it looks so COOL!)

The journaling....
You say the funniest things. You act silly.
You always have! You do ALL you can to make
me giggle. It always works! You are my clown.
Silly boy - YOU are hilarious!! Oct. 2008

Be sure to check out the rest of the team's gorgeous creations!
You should try this challenge! It's easy - fun - and
you could win something! Just try it.... ;)

Well I'm sure I've talked your eyeballs off
so I better shush so you can move on to whatever
you need to be doing ;)

I hope you have a great next few days - see ya when I get back!

HUGS everyone...:D