Saturday, November 22, 2008

**Feeling rather Rebel-ish? How About Sneak-ish? Maybe a bit messy-ish? Or 5-ish? **

Well if you're feeling a bit of Rebel coming out in you,
this might be up your alley:

How about that sneak-ish feeling you've got going on?
This might be your cure:
(yummy sneaks, huh? That's what Glitz has up
it's sleeve for you. Coming soon!!)

Feeling a bit messy?
Well this might make you feel LOTS better:
THAT my friends is a giveaway which happens to be going on over
All you have to do is post a picture of your messy space over
at our message boards here: LT Board
and you could win the yummies above :D
and if you're feeling a little 5'ish---
I forgot to post my Friday Faves (OOOPS) so
I'll give you a quick 5 here:
1) this ------> STORM is on it's way to me :D
my former phone, the one I got back in the spring bit
the bullet. I hated it. I'm replacing it with this. Yay!
(Yep...I'm a nerd, I'll admit it ;D)
2) I'm not afraid to admit it..I LOVED IT.
3) FACEBOOK - are you on here? I'm a teeny tiny bit addicted :D
4) Shaypher convinced me THIS was a good movie.
I have to say I laughed until my ribs hurt a few times ;D
5) I'm feeling the spirit...I'm ready to decorate!
I bought 4 18 inch pre-lit flocked trees at
Michael's the other day...they're so CUTE!

Have a happy weekend :D
(p.s. I promise when I made this post I had spaces
but Blogger took them out. Argh!)