Wednesday, November 19, 2008

**TDX asks you...Why?**

Ever wonder....why?
The Design Experiment wants to know if you do...
That's the challenge this week.
Check it out here: TDX Blog

Here's my layout:

My journaling:
(why does time haev to go by so fast? be still....)
As much as I want to stop time..I know I can't. but..
if I oculd slow time savor in your beauty...
your love for life...your will to be anything &
everything you know you can set your mind to..

I would stop time...bask in the
you now. Just starting your life of dreams...

You're just 6 months from graduating.

Some close ups:

You should take this challenge. When you're finished with
your layout, simply leave a comment with a link back to your
layout. :D It's super easy! You could win a COOL RAK! :D

I did this layout for CMK's November Kit Inspiration:
(we've been loading a project a week for the month
of the kit) Check out the rest of the layouts here:
Sorry for the delay in posting this week.
Just been one of those weeks. Well the 1st half anyway...
I got a fun email the other day...ST picked up
a layout for their April issue! :D It will go in the
"About Me" excited about that!
And I'm pretty excited that in just 24 hours I'll be watching this:
That's all folks...