Wednesday, November 19, 2008

**TDX asks you...Why?**

Ever wonder....why?
The Design Experiment wants to know if you do...
That's the challenge this week.
Check it out here: TDX Blog

Here's my layout:

My journaling:
(why does time haev to go by so fast? be still....)
As much as I want to stop time..I know I can't. but..
if I oculd slow time savor in your beauty...
your love for life...your will to be anything &
everything you know you can set your mind to..

I would stop time...bask in the
you now. Just starting your life of dreams...

You're just 6 months from graduating.

Some close ups:

You should take this challenge. When you're finished with
your layout, simply leave a comment with a link back to your
layout. :D It's super easy! You could win a COOL RAK! :D

I did this layout for CMK's November Kit Inspiration:
(we've been loading a project a week for the month
of the kit) Check out the rest of the layouts here:
Sorry for the delay in posting this week.
Just been one of those weeks. Well the 1st half anyway...
I got a fun email the other day...ST picked up
a layout for their April issue! :D It will go in the
"About Me" excited about that!
And I'm pretty excited that in just 24 hours I'll be watching this:
That's all folks...


Jocelyn said...

Girlie, you never cease to amaze me with your creations! I could spend all day just looking at all the wonderful elements of each page. I am sending you a Blog Award, so please check out my blog to grab the award! Hope you have a great Thursday!

LoRi said...

WoW, love them both but the one of Savannah is jaw dropping honey!

Amy W. said...

fantastic that "why?" journaling! Congrats on your pub!!! i might be watching this movie this weekend as well...daughter is obsessed. lol

Audrey Pettit said...

Gorgeous pages, Leslie! Nothing new there! You always do such amazing work. I can so relate to the TDX page. Wish I could stop time, too.
Congrats on getting a page picked up!

Leigh said...

What gorgeous layouts!! I love the why one-- such great journaling and design-- you are so gifted at adding details! Just lovely!!

TheShermanFam said...

I love your "Why" LO...your journaling was really (ok, super cheesy) touching. Kinda made me a little sad. :( more of that mush. Congrats on your pub!! Did you know your LO was going to be in the SL newsletter?? It's my fave or yours!! Soo...congrats on that, too!!

Anabelle said...

Oh, Leslie, these are so awesome! That one of Savannah is amazing. I love the colors and the clocks you added. But the journaling really hit home! Congrats on the SL newsletter! I was so excited to see your page there. (And thanks for your sweet, sweet words at my blog. You always make my day, girl!)

Renee Lamb said...

mmmm...totally in love with your pages Leslie! The why page is beautiful!!! and I can't wait to see the Twilight movie! I just finished reading the book LAST night...I seriously read it in a day...couldn't believe it was that good and now I'm kicking myself for waiting so long to read it! LOL - I hope you have a great weekend!!!

Suzy said...

Wow Leslie ... you're work always rocks! The dimension, depth, colors, picture of your daughter ... WOW factor +10!!!!

Why? Ummm, where would I even begin on that one. I could probably do many LOs with that one question. I'm going to take this challenge.

Sasha said...

Heyyy sweet pea .. girl what is going on, I am catching up on blogs, girl a beeotch been out of commission but a sistah is back .. love the layouts girl .. and oh yah I missed the last 2 weeks of TDX huh? Yah I know I been working like crazy .. damn military. Okay so .. let's see miss you, and umm miss you and oh yah .. miss ya.

Later Gator

Sandi in FL said...

Another one of your AMAZED friends here!!! I so TOTALLY understand too!!! :-( My big boy is 17 too and I'm mad at father time! :-(

Your Savannah LO is just JAW DROPPING!!!!!!!!

Come visit me girl! Need some Christmas spirit??? :D

Love ya sweets!

Ki said...

Congrats on the pub!
All the Twilight fans are making me laugh - I think he's downright freaky looking - and nope, haven't read the books LOL!

Chelsea Ling said...

your layouts are just so beautiful... sigh :)