Monday, November 10, 2008

**TDX, Label Tulip Blog, some Glitz cards & HI!!**

It was my week to post on the Label Tulip blog :D
I did a little tutorial on my mini button bouquet I've shared before.
Check it out here -------> Label Tulip Blog
Next challenge is up at TDX!!
Here's the challenge:"Create a layout about a
choice you have made in your lifetime that you may
have questioned in the past, something that
your response has always been: "I'd do it again." "
Here's my layout:

here's a couple of close ups:
A little about my layout:
Without a doubt I knew what my layout was going to
be about. I had the perfect picture to display how I truly
feel about my decision to start my family. Even if I didn't
get to choose the "when's, where's & why's..." as that was in
God's control...I knew this is what I wanted and I wouldn't
change it for the world.

(no doubt) if I could go back & do it all over again - I would
do it in a New York minute!! Of all the decisions I've made in
my life - the one to get married & start a family has to be
the BEST one. Through our ups & downs; our ins & outs...we
are the very essence God created. Family. the best decision
ever. No if's ands or buts about it. I love you, my family. ~July 2008

Be sure to try this challenge! It's a GREAT one!!
All you have to do is put a link to your layout in
the comment section of the blog --> TDX BLOG

I'm not much of a card person. I can't get them to
work the way I want them to so it's pretty much few
and far between when it comes to making them.
Well I made a few with someGlitz...want to see?
Here they are:

(I have a little something I think I can finally share ;D
I had 3 more cards I made for Glitz pubbed in a Dutch magazine
called "Cards Only" this month. As soon as I receive the magazine
here in my hands - I'll show you! I am SO excited and honored!)
Well that's it for me today...the herd is hungry, I must go make dinner.
Hope you are all doing well and don't forget I know you're not shy -
you totally know how to say HI! :D