Saturday, December 27, 2008

**It's ALIVE & Some Tulips**!!!
I lost EVERYTHING. contacts.favorites.etc, etc.......but
the most important thing was recovered - MY PHOTO's!!!!!!!
They're all backed up and living on cd's....

let me be a reminder to ALL of you - burn those pics on cd's,
get them on a hard drive....whatever, just save those pics!
Mine could have been lost forever.
That was enough to make me cry.

BUT it's all better now and we're back
up and running again :D
Thanks to my awesome brother in law!! :D :D :D

Now I can share my Label Tulip creations:

(the white is not part of the layout -
it's a backdrop I used)

All layouts made using Label Tulip's December kit
and both add on's...
You must have this kit - it's gorgeous!
Go here to sign up:
Label Tulip
Get your kit today!! :D

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!
We was a day full of family & fun
(I've got the pics to prove it! :D)
Enjoy your weekend,
I'm off like a dirty shirt....


Sasha said...

YIKES lovah..Ima need to make sure I do a supah back up of my stuff, I mean I already do but that is scary huh..well glad to see you are back, I am still trying to figure out how to type with these new nails I have on LOL..glad to see ya back boo missed ya

Sasha .. oh yah the layouts are fabulous

kim_sonksen said...

So happy to see you back girl - man I missed those treats you post on your bloggy and I have to say it was WELL worth waiting for. Gorgeous layouts as always...yum yum

And yeah, I have my pictures saved on an external hard drive too, been there with losing them all once before - never again!

LoRi said...

Yikes!! I back up my photos once a month but need to back up my itunes. Thanks for the reminder!! By the way, my email is and my blog is just in case you lost those. I'm feelin' for ya, honey! xoxo

andie said...

love these pages!!! i am thinking of subscribing next month!

Jocelyn said...

So glad that you did not lose your pics, but that stinks that you lost everything else. Your LO's are stunning, but I would expect nothing less!!!! So glad to hear that you had a wonderful Holiday and sending you and your Family Blessed New Year wishes for a year filled with Good Health, Hope, Peace and lots of creativity! Stop by and say HI!

Jennifer said...

That's great that your photos were saved...MOST IMPORTANT!! I absolutely LOVE your layouts!!!

Juliana said...

I am glad to hear you didn't lose your photos! That would have been terrible!
I love your LT LO's! Every time I see them I so want to get their kits!!!

Staci said...

Fabulous creations, Leslie!! That kit looks gorgeous! I'm SO glad you got your photos back and are back online!!

LeslieinTN said...

Glad your computer - or at least your photos - are okay and on CDs now! Very scary! My computer was acting weird a few weeks ago and so I backed up the last six months of photos which I had neglected up until then.

Awesome LOs btw!! Love all the polka dots. :)

Nicole said...

So glad you were able to get your pics back. That reminds me that I have so pics I need to back up soon!

Ki said...

It seems like forever since I've visited your blog (sorry about that!) Not sure where the time went! But look at all the gorgeous stuff you've done! WOW! It reminds me why I love coming here - to oooohhhh and aaaahhhhh all of it!!

Ki said...

Oh and so glad you didn't lose your photos!!!!!!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

beautiful layouts, beautiful children... !!! Awesomeness Leslie!

Marisa said...

Leslie I think you do the most amazing layouts so I have awarded you an award.