Thursday, December 18, 2008

**We'll call this one A day with a couple of Cowboys**

Sounds good, right? ;D

Shaypher experienced a dream come true
this past Saturday.
Just take a look:

Shaypher meeting one of his very favorite
Dallas Cowboy #82 - Jason Witten :D

And the rookie Cowboy - Martellis Bennett :D

What a day! My goodness - this kid couldn't
have BEEN (big emphasis) more excited!!
He had his helmet signed & Witten even signed
Shaypher's Vols (University of Tennessee) lanyard
(Witten went there, Shaypher would LOVE to go there).
Fun fun day :D
Just look how excited my boy is:

and his helmet's pretty cool too -
(I like how this photo turned out!)

In other news in our little world:

-Savannah JUST received 2 letters of acceptance
from 5 of the colleges she's applied to for fall of 2009
(am I really typing that?)
(3 haven't come in yet).
Pretty exciting news!!
and I'm so excited!! Guess WHAT! Scrapbook Trends
requested 3 layouts for their May 2009 issue!
What's even better? 2 of those 3 layouts are
Label Tulip layouts :D That makes me so happy!
(they chose layouts for "Fast & Fabulous",
"Stories to Tell" & "Showcase")
Thanks ST - you made my day! :D

**in close...
I have some sneaks coming up for you!
I've been digging into my Label Tulip December kit

and will post some things in the next few days.
Also I have a few sneaks too for CMK's Sponsor
Kit this month - which is Teresa Collins :D

Hope you have a very Merry rest of the week...
Finished shopping?
I will be after today - just ONE more thing

and I'm finito! :D
I'm off like a dirty shirt....