Thursday, December 18, 2008

**We'll call this one A day with a couple of Cowboys**

Sounds good, right? ;D

Shaypher experienced a dream come true
this past Saturday.
Just take a look:

Shaypher meeting one of his very favorite
Dallas Cowboy #82 - Jason Witten :D

And the rookie Cowboy - Martellis Bennett :D

What a day! My goodness - this kid couldn't
have BEEN (big emphasis) more excited!!
He had his helmet signed & Witten even signed
Shaypher's Vols (University of Tennessee) lanyard
(Witten went there, Shaypher would LOVE to go there).
Fun fun day :D
Just look how excited my boy is:

and his helmet's pretty cool too -
(I like how this photo turned out!)

In other news in our little world:

-Savannah JUST received 2 letters of acceptance
from 5 of the colleges she's applied to for fall of 2009
(am I really typing that?)
(3 haven't come in yet).
Pretty exciting news!!
and I'm so excited!! Guess WHAT! Scrapbook Trends
requested 3 layouts for their May 2009 issue!
What's even better? 2 of those 3 layouts are
Label Tulip layouts :D That makes me so happy!
(they chose layouts for "Fast & Fabulous",
"Stories to Tell" & "Showcase")
Thanks ST - you made my day! :D

**in close...
I have some sneaks coming up for you!
I've been digging into my Label Tulip December kit

and will post some things in the next few days.
Also I have a few sneaks too for CMK's Sponsor
Kit this month - which is Teresa Collins :D

Hope you have a very Merry rest of the week...
Finished shopping?
I will be after today - just ONE more thing

and I'm finito! :D
I'm off like a dirty shirt....


Lucy Edson said...

Looks like a great week for you kids!! How fun!

Congrats on the ST pub!! Love your LT work!!

Sasha said...

Oh now that is AWESOME he is just so lucky, I bet he will never forget that..these athletes (some of them) have no idea how they inspire folks you know, especially our children, and umm yah ST loves your work just as much as I do .. Ima come and steal your brain with your creative ideas and then do some of my own juice with it LMAO .. CONGRATS friend, I am soo soo happy for you .. I look forward to that one..


andie said...

awesome!!! what a great week at your house!!

i love JW...

LoRi said...

How awesome is that??? I love me some Tony Yummo!

Audrey Pettit said...

What a cool experience for your son! You can tell just by looking at his face how excited he was by the whole thing. And a big congrats to your daughter! That is awesome! And a big congrats to you on getting 3 pages picked up. Way to go, girl!

Daniela said...

How awesome is that!!!!
Congrats to Savannah. Does she have her favorite yet?
Can't wait to see your sneaks and congrats on the ST pub x 3!!!!!

Jocelyn said...

How awesome is that for your son! He looks so cute and I just love the pic of the helmet!!!!! Hey the Ravens play you guys this week don't they! I am a HUGE RAVENS Fan! So glad that ST picked up three of your LO's! I just adore that book (mag)! I too have finished shopping, now another ton of things to complete!!!! Merry Friday my friend!

Julie O. said...

Wow. Wow. Wow. Look at the stars in his eyes!!!!! That is one happy boy. How very, very exciting!!

Congrats on your THREE!!!! Wowzers girl. You never cease to amaze me.

Have fun this week...wahoo!!! Few more days... ;)

Merry Christmas!!


P.S. (miss you! and everyone else! LOL! Been soooo busy!)

Jennifer Y said...

How cool for him to meet them! Jason Witten ROCKS! Such great news for your daughter Leslie, that is so exciting! YEAH for SBT...I can't wait to get it! Congrats! Have a Merry Christmas!!!

Andrea Amu said...

Aww, he DOES look sooo happy! That's neat... can't wait to see how you scrap those fun pix.

Congrats all around... to your dd on all her acceptances (how wonderful), and to you on 3 more ST pages to be published. There's no end in site for you,gal!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

heh...he looks so excited I'm so happy for him!! :D

~Nancy~ said...

Oh wow.. how exciting for him! THese pics look awesome!! WOOOWW! And YAY on the acceptances.. such great news!!!!!

And another YAY on your ST toot!! WOOHOO 3 pages!!! I can see why: your work ROCKS!!!

WIshing you and your little family Happy Holidays! XOXO

Susannah said...

WOW how exciting for Shaypher! I cant wait to see your label tulip creations! How is PPP? Merry Christmas ;0)

Sandi said...

LESLIE!!!!!!!!! Do tell Shaypher how JEALOUS I am!!!! Although, I am a STEELER fan. =) In my 30th season!!!!!!! YIKES! Yes, i did start young for sure!

I also want to wish you and your family a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!! AND I left you a little present on my blog. ;)

LeslieinTN said...

Congrats to you on the pubs and to Savannah AND to Shaypher getting to meet Witten. He's a favorite of my hubby. We're in East TN and UT is close to our hearts. ;) ;) LOL

dstandard said...

Huge congrats on Savannah turning 18!!! And congrats on getting 3 picked up for ST - makes it so much sweeter when you get paid for it too! Love your top picks - course I just love your pages!