Friday, January 16, 2009

**It's Rather Revealing**

..........hee hee.
Label Tulip's January kits are LIVE
as of last night...
Did you get one? An add on?
Oh should!
(If not - go here: Label Tulip Kits)

Here's a few of my layouts....

Gosh I LOVE my girl.....
this one is a gallery lift of
this sweet girl: Amy Parker
(p.s. I am in LOVE with the flourish corner stamp
that comes in the LT January MAIN kit)

I've used those pics before -
they're too cute to not use again ;D
Well I mean
SHE's too cute anyway....

Aren't these girls adorable? :D
That's my main girl and my niece :D

I just love that guy....

(I almost forgot my challenge page...oops!)

This was quite the challenge for me!

We were to use only 5 products
from our monthly kit.
I used: Label Tulip's cool bubblewrap stamp,
stickers, patterned paper,
trim & cardstock.
It's a tad bit nakey to me but I did it!! :D

So there ya have it....

Be sure to check out the other
Tulip Girls amazing pages...
Here let me give you that link again:
Label Tulip Gallery
(I just LOVE what our guest girl
Lisa Truesdell did!!)

Oh and you should check out THIS page too...

it's the CHALLENGE page...
Go here: Label Tulip Challenge
and here's a few tips for ya....
well go to the link above and scroll down
to "DETAILS".....

That's all folks

It's Friday. It's cold here in Texas.
(but I know it's not as cold as you guys

are up North!)
-- stay warm everyone!
**Oh my I think I might see
snow clouds outside?
Could it be?