Monday, January 19, 2009

*Leaving something behind...TDX....**

This week at TDX:

The prompt is:
"What burdens did you leave behind in 2008?
How did you overcome that feeling to just LET IT GO?"

I left behind something kinda big...
only to take on a new adventure...
a bigger one....
Here's my layout:

a few close ups:

Head over to the blog: The Design Experiment
and take on this challenge :D Just link your layout
in the comment section....that's all you have to do! :D
OHHHH and speaking of TDX...did you SEE our news??
2 fabulous designers have joined our team!!
Lori Renn & Glenda Tkalac -- we're THRILLED &
so excited to have you girls join us! :D
Go visit their blogs & look how TALENTED they are! :D
I hope your day is the best!