Tuesday, February 17, 2009

***So today is brought to you by the color Pink, the Number's 8 and 18 and lots of Paislee's**

This has been one heck of a great day.

I came home from a HARD day at work to this:

and this........

I'm just honored. Honored & SO happy to be chosen as
one of the Guest Girls for Pink Paislee! Thank you Rebecca
and all you Paislee girls for this! :D I {{♥}} YOU!

AND...oh my gosh....
Andie Smith!
IF You aren't the most INCREDIBLE photographer!
Did you SEE what that lady did to my girl!
She's not only one of my most fave goober friends in the world..
she ROCKS at taking pictures!
Thank you Andie!!!!!!!
I cannot WAIT to see the rest!
Book her Danno....
(lol..I just made myself laugh...
but really you should come to Texas and
BOOK a shoot with Andie....she's awesome.)

and I get to have lunch with her tomorrow!

Off to create...
then sleep.