Sunday, March 15, 2009

** Reporting to you LIVE**

Label Tulip's March Kit is LIVE.....
(click on above link to see the gallery)

Here's what I did with the Main Kit - "Over The Rainbow"

(a farewell layout to one of our founders...Cindee.
I will MISS you so much Cindee!!
Thank you for choosing me
to be a Tulip Girl...thank you for all you've done.
Thank you for YOU!)

All photo's are by Andie Smith @ eight18 photography

(Main Kit: "Over The Rainbow")

(add on #2: "There's No Place Like Home")

(layout removed for publication)
(Main kit + add ons)

(Add on # 1 "Emerald City")

**Be sure to check out the challenges!!

So tomorrow we're heading down to Waco
to Baylor for a meeting with some peeps...
getting the girl all ready to be there in just a few
months..doing all the final stuff...
Have a great week....