Sunday, March 8, 2009

**Sneaks, Peeks & tres' Chic**

** below may cause you to wipe drool from
your chin.***

Have you SEEN the March Label Tulip sneaks yet?
They're on the main site...
here's a little glimpse of the Main Kit -- Over The Rainbow

they can also be found here: Label Tulip Sneak

Here's add on #1: The Emerald City

and add on #2 No Place Like Home (it's a gorgeous project kit)

Kit goes LIVE on March 15th!!
I'll be back with sneaks of my creations soon!
Oh and isn't she CUTE peeking from behind the those 2 lips?
(lol..get it, 2 lips, tulips...gosh I'm goofy.)

I think someone got 3 inches cut off their hair
and got herself all darkened up!

I'm LOVING how CHIC she is with her matching
"green" braces...

I love that kid...
have a happy one!


Daniela said...

I LOVE her new hair!!!!!!!! She is adorable.
The sneaks look great...are those stickles on the alphas?

Sasha said...

PURE TALENT is what you have .. okay and look at Miss Lady and the hair love it ..

happy week ahead .. and your post on facebook made me giggle .. out loud.

Anabelle said...

I cna't wait to see the full reveal. Your pages look stunning! AWesome colors... And Miss Savannah! I love the new do!

Michelle StClair said...

Love your peeks. Love the way you added glitter to the edges.
And love your beautiful daughter's matching green braces!

Audrey Pettit said...

Your daughter is truly stunning, Leslie! Her new hair looks beautiful. You totally made me chuckle with your two lips comment. You silly girl.
Loooooooooove those sneaks. Drooling is the perfect descriptive.

Jennifer said...

I saw the peaks a couple of days ago and it looks like a MUST HAVE, for sure!! Gorgeous pics of your daughter too!

Nicole said...

I surely have seen the sneaks and they look marvelous!!

LOL @ "two lips"!

ellen s. said...

that kits looks fab and i love how she matches! i did that :) and those tulips are making me psyched for spring...thanks for all the inspo!

Melonie said...

Beautiful pics of your DD and I love the sneakies. Hope you have a super week.

Jocelyn said...

Your daughter is just stunning!!! Love the pics of her and the 2 lips!!! What a great page in the making!!! Love the sneaks, love the Lable Tulip!!! Can't wait to get my kit!!! Happy Monday!

Carrie said...

gorgeous sweet girl you have leslie!

can't wait to see your sneaks. i need to get one of these kits one of these months! :)

Ki said...

Her hair looks great! Such a beautiful girl (takes after her Momma!)

roree said...

Can't wait to see your projects, Leslie! I will be anxiously awaiting my kit.

My daughter has green braces too. Tres chic! ;)