Sunday, March 8, 2009

**Sneaks, Peeks & tres' Chic**

** below may cause you to wipe drool from
your chin.***

Have you SEEN the March Label Tulip sneaks yet?
They're on the main site...
here's a little glimpse of the Main Kit -- Over The Rainbow

they can also be found here: Label Tulip Sneak

Here's add on #1: The Emerald City

and add on #2 No Place Like Home (it's a gorgeous project kit)

Kit goes LIVE on March 15th!!
I'll be back with sneaks of my creations soon!
Oh and isn't she CUTE peeking from behind the those 2 lips?
(lol..get it, 2 lips, tulips...gosh I'm goofy.)

I think someone got 3 inches cut off their hair
and got herself all darkened up!

I'm LOVING how CHIC she is with her matching
"green" braces...

I love that kid...
have a happy one!