Thursday, April 9, 2009

**Time For Some Tulip Sneaks...**

Absolutely GORGEOUS kit this month (I say this every month!)
at Label Tulip. You MUST have. MUST!

I've got a couple of sneaks for you:

First sneak is using the add on #1 -- "Spring Bonnet"

this one is a sneak from the Main kit - "A Walk In The Park"

To make sure you don't miss out on this gorgeous kit,
click here for details: Label Tulip Kits

{The kit goes LIVE on the 15th.....}

It's Easter weekend :D
What'cha got planned?

My entire family is coming over on Saturday
for a yummy dinner, some egg hunting, games, etc.
Sunday we're heading to church for a beautiful
Easter service, out for lunch & some family photo's.
I can't WAIT!

I hope you have a very safe and blessed Easter.


Anonymous said...

TAke your cute Easter umbrellas for the pics..supposed to be wet!!

Anonymous said...

that was from TAra

Anonymous said...

You are such a TEASE Leslie! LOL! Can't wait to see your full reveal. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter weekend! Hugs ~Amy Tara~

Julie O. said...

That looks like an awesome kit!! Can't wait to see the rest of your layout. Your details are so fun.

We also will be having an Easter Service at our church. I love this season and the reminder of what the Lord has done for us.

I pray you and your family will have a blessed weekend!


Melonie said...

Loving the sneakies! We always sleep in, find our baskets, eat candy and then get together at my Mom's for dinner. I hope you have a fantastic weekend.

Leigh said...

We're spending Easter morning at church and then the rest of the day at my mom's.
Happy Easter to you, Leslie!

Laurence said...

It will be a rainy day, too bad for egg hunting, we'll be at home with my parents and the kids! Nothing special...

Daniela said...

Wow, has it been a month! This kit looks yummy and I have extra money to spend :)
I was thinking about you today. I have been cleaning. Got ten hours of sleep last night and I feel rested :)
We are going to color eggs when Alex wakes up. Tomorrow is his egg hunt. We have been practicing with a basket and eggs, he gets it! So cute.
Miss you!
This week has been crazy busy for me.

Jennifer said...

wow, the kit looks amazing!!! And it sounds like you have a wonderful weekend planned!

Danielle said...

Lovely sneaks! =) Wishing you a happy easter, sweets!

roree said...

Great sneaks, Leslie! Can't wait to see them!

ellen s. said...

i am embarassed to say i never check out those kits but i am now! those sneaks are just freakin' tantalizing! have a wonderful holiday, leslie!

Jennifer Y said...

Love this add on and your sneaks are awesome! Can't wait to see! :)