Saturday, May 23, 2009

** TheGrammy for WORST Blogger Goes to...**
I am SO sorry for not posting sooner!
You sweet girls that have sent me awards....thank you!!!
(and if I knew how to put them on my blog I would..but I'm clueless!)

So how is everyone today? Have you SEEN the May kit at Create My Keepsake?
I just finished another layout. Yesterday was "Friday Formula"
here's the formula:

and here's what I did with the formula:

a little closer....
Go, hurry now and check out the kit! CMK <----just go to that link
Check back in a few days I'll have SNEAKS from the JUNE kit!
You will ♥♥♥'s beautiful!

In other news around here:
It's getting closer and closer and closer to the big "G" day.
SOOOO not ready....well literally I am ready but

The Princess had a Graduation Tea last weekend. She and 2 of her
childhood girlfriends (that have known each other since they were babies)
were honored at their own's the girls:
(Amy, Savannah & Britainy) ♥ those girls. ♥ them to pieces!

It was a gorgeous day...friends & family came to celebrate the
girls. We ate, visited, signed guest books, took pictures, giggled LOTS
and then the moment came where we talked to the girls.
You'd be SO proud of me!! I only choked up a couple of times and shed
maybe 2 tears! GO ME! :D
Savannah and the girls looked gorgeous. It was fun honoring them...

Here's a shot I got of all the girl cousins together honoring
the princess...
(Britni, Savannah, Taylor & Aubri) I ♥ my nieces!

and THIS cracked me up:
my sister gave her these glasses as part of her wrap
on her was priceless. She kept them on forever!
Who'd have thought...LOL!

after that we came home to relax for about an hour or so
and then the princess had to get ready for her NEXT ball....
the band banquet....

I won't bore you with tons of photo's but
I really like this one I captured while she was visiting
with friends...she looked absolutely gorgeous.

complete with KILLER shoes....
there is no way I could wear these without tripping on my
face...but she sure pulled them off!
Today the girl and I are off for a girls day...I'm getting all
the "girls days" in I can before she leaves in a couple of months...
Hope you're having a wonderful day!