Saturday, May 16, 2009


do you see flashing warning lights?
be warned....
this is a *photo heavy* post -- with a tear being shed maybe once.
or twice. or thrice.
See...the girl had her Graduation Tea today and I'm
about to show you something pretty personal I did for her...
well I'll show the world because it's something small I wanted her
to have - (but with some journaling that's tucked in envies for safe keeping)

Anyways, this kit ROCKS! (I see it's already sold out, wow!!! ).
Ohhh what kit you ask? This month's kit at Label Tulip!!!
Reveal day was last night - woo hoo!!!

So on we go with my reveals...this first reveal is a minibook that
Alexis Hardy put together -- it's called "little bitty pretty one"
I also used a little bit of the main kit (which includes the exclusive LT
paint splatter's so cute!
Without further's "dear savannah"

I knew immediately what I wanted to do with this album when I
bought the add on - (trust me you WANT this!!) I knew this
would be my letter to my girl at her Graduation Tea...(well the letters
INSIDE the envelope are what I read to her today.)

This is the opening page:

all photo's in this album are Savannah's SR photo's
which were taken by my very talented friend Andie Smith
( visit her site & see just how talented she is!
Tell her I sent you...say hi for me! :D

and here's the rest:


Don't forget to check out the GALLERY to see what all
the Tulip Girls created! Especially the books! WOW!
(and check out our guest's gorgeous work!! She's so talented!!
and here we have the 3 layouts I also did....
(main kit here:)

it's true, I LOVE to distress. It's almost like I can't complete
a layout without distressing at least ONE thing.
(that's a picture from her SR. prom)

Layout #2:

I love her boots...this shot is also by Andie (

and for my last layout - this one's our monthly challenge
(scrap something about yourself that no one knows) ya go:

Yep..that's me at 12 and 40. I did a teeny bit of modeling at 12.
I do NOT model at 40. I loved it when I did as a young girl.
The photoshoots were my favorite!!
So today was Savannah's grad tea (I'll post her pics soon)
and tonight was her final band banquet. We went, it was so fun!!
They honored all the seniors - quite a tearjerker!!!
Savannah was so thrilled to be nominated as "best dressed"...
What'cha doing this week?
I've got a few things on the agenda...
assignments, doctors appt's, hair appts (the princess), school stuff galore.
get this. today is May 17th. it's now 14 days until G day.
stop. it!
(Speaking of dates....Monday is kinda special.
a day I share with someone I ♥ lots and lots and lots!)

I better hit the hay...
Savannah's being honored at church tomorrow as a senior.
I ♥ that! :D
I promise to make sure the kleenex are packed.
I promise to not promise I won't cry. I mean come on...LOL!

Happy Sunday to you!