Thursday, June 18, 2009

** Say a little prayer...**

for that guy below:

he's having a procedure done tomorrow @8 am...

He's having surgery -
to have a fibroid tumor (quarter sized) removed from( inside) his inner cheek.
they're knocking him completely out so they can remove more of the tissue
(sending to pathology just as precaution - it's routine procedure,
most likely nothing but a benign cyst)
and stitch it up.
It's weird to think there will be stitches INSIDE the mouth..
but the doc said they're dissolvable and will be gone within a few weeks
and he should be fully healed within 6 weeks or so.

Not sure how long it will last...I will be back to update asap!

Thank you for your prayers, your thoughts and all your well wishes!
Shaypher thanks you too!