Thursday, July 23, 2009

**Monkey SEE, Monkey DO?**

Here's the Monkey book I was talking about:

It's a wooden book made by: Genuinely Jane Studio.
I am honored to be their guest girl ...
Thank you SO MUCH Genuinely Jane...LOVE your products!!
(GO check them out, you'll be hooked!!
They make embellishments too!)

I got to create this monkey boy:

front cover...I TRIED my best to make him look
like a sock handed might I add...LOL!!

closer up:

I painted him a dark brown, edged him in silver and a little
bit of copper....

These pics are from my sweet friend Daniela and her little
A man. GO CHECK OUT HER BLOG...Daniela <---------(go there)
pages 1 and 2...

just look at him...
is he NOT adorable? Thanks D...I LOVE these pics...

pages 3 and 4
and a little closer...

final pages...5 and 6. Making those polka dots was FUN!

I just adore polka dots..had to incorporate them somehow...

and my back cover:
which is funny...this wood stuff is not meant to be doused in
embossing powder and lit by a heat gun...let's just say...
I was wondering what was cooking?
LOL.... but in the end, I actually kinda like how funky it looks.

so I kept it...
and there you have it...the monkey book.
OHHH and look!!
It got LOTD at CMK!!

Check it out: Create My Keepsake LOTD

TOTALLY made my day!
Hope you have a fun rest of your week!

Oh wait...before I go...
I often get asked how our sweet furboy -- Potter is doing.
If you're wondering what I mean..long story short, Potter was in
a terrible accident and it's a total miracle he's still with us...
anyway, I thought I'd share a picture I snapped of him just a few
hours ago:
he's doing WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!! Can I tell you how cute it is
his tongue is always out? (due to accident) and he's in dire need
of grooming..but here he is. He's adorable, full of spunk,
tells me when he needs water, food, to go outside.
Oh and he loves it when you ask if he's ready to "GO".
(he's a chihuahua/yorkie mix)

but see...if one furboy sees he's being higlighted, they ALL want to:
That's our Bandit. He's sure to let the other boys know he's
"Alpha" man. He's the friendliest thing ever. Quick history...
when we adopted him from the shelter..his name was Albertson.
His brothers were: "Kroger & Tom Thumb" no joke...they
were dumped at a grocery store as babies. We got him at 3 months.
He's 7 now. He's a terrier mix. And needs to be groomed.
When groomed he looks like a blonde schnauzer...

Our sweet Cajun. Got him at 6 weeks old.
Went through hell and high water
to get him. Adopted through "love my pet"....
I was like adopting
a child, no lie! But so worth it...he's also a rescue.
Would you believe
he was all of 5 lbs when we got him? Who'd a thunk it...him to grow
into a 30 lb tootsie roll? He's our corgi/dachshund/who knows what mix.
He's often known to scare people because he
needs to go to the dentist and have that bottom tooth that sticks
out removed. He's a rescue too.
This poor little guy and his brothers (4 of them) were dropped off
at Grapevine Lake. His foster parents found them. When they got
Cajun -- (who they named Brutus, I should have kept it, he sure grew into
a "Brutus") he was near death. He's the runt (really? LOL) and
they nursed him back to health...TWICE! He's a miracle.
Oh and he's always telling
us which way to go...with his ear. He's got talent.

I leave you with the baby. This guy is my boy.
He's my Duster. Duster was already named. I wanted to change
his name. But I couldn't....
I felt bad he'd had his name since he was 8 weeks I left it. Now I love it.
Duster buster is what I call him.
He helped me. He's the little guy we got a bit after
my chihuahua girl (Ashton) died
(she was 16 years old...I will have to blog about her sometime)
and he helped me...he's my lap boy. I see white hairs on his mouth?
WWHHAATT!! he's only 4....LOL!
We got DMan at 8 weeks. He's also a rescue.
He's a dachshund/chihuahua mix.
He's all of what...10 lbs. LOL! His foster mom told
us he's part yorkie too...but uhh
do you see yorkie? I don't...
LOL she swears his mommy was a yorkie.

Anyway...that's my boys! they think they're human. I let them. ;D

and tomorrow I've got some fun vintage finds to share with you!