Monday, July 13, 2009

**This is the Story Of A Girl, her Bear, a boy & a monkey.........**

This is the girl...
my girl.
my princess!
who leaves today for a week's long camp at her college.

we take her down tomorrow------->
(click on that picture to see how COOL this camp is...)
my fave part? SHE had to leave her iPhone at check in...
if you know my girl, you KNOW that phone is tattooed to her hands.
Not kidding....LOL. Love that...

Isn't she CUTE next to "Joy?" This is one of the Baylor "BEARS".
they have this cool living habitat for Joy & Lady (the 2 bears right now)
SO CUTE we got Dolly to perform for us...we have NO IDEA!
This was taken a few weeks ago at Orientation...

To find out more about the Baylor University Bear Habitat
click here: --------------> Baylor Bears

and one more:
she has officially picked her major. Yep..the girl wants to be
the next "Elle Woods"...hee hee!!

the boy isn't able to go with us today, he'll be playing
in a golf tournament with his grandfather.
But here he cute with his new haircut: only question is...
when did HE get so big?
he's going to be a senior this year....WHAT! LOL!

I didn't want to leave this post without some scrappy-ness.
Here's one of my sneaks for the July kit at Label Tulip
Don't forget in just a few days it's LT's big BIG big GINORMOUS
Birthday Bash <-------------click to find out more information!

OHHH and just a little sneak of something I just did:

I'll be sharing the full thing in just a few days...
it's something I did for a guest spot at a very FUN company!

keep checking back for the very fun thing that starts Sept. 1st....

Have a lovely week!
We are Waco bound in a few hours.......


Nicole said...

Ooooh, I love the mini sneek! I can't wait to see more!

reneelamb said...

hey the pics of your kiddos - well not kiddos but teenos I guess. Baylor IS a great campus - she's going to have fun there and I'm sure she'll make a great Elle Woods - just bend and snap - LOL

love the sneaks --- I'm totally wanting to see the sock monkey?? peek -- looks uber cute!

Julie O. said...

Great awsome that she has turn in her iphone. LOL!

Your sneaks are awesome as always! Can't wait to see that cute monkey!

Andrea Amu said...

I am curious about that monkey too! It looks wayy cute already just from the sneak peek!

Yes, my dh is also connected to his iphone! Wish someone would take his, lol!

I like that bear photo... and the others too!

Amy Teets said...

How freakin' cute is that crown!

ellen s. said...

oh that monkey looks like the bomb! can't wait to see it...and can i tell you...legally blonde is one of my FAVE movies ever! WTG on the prelaw...that is a lot of studying and i was too social for that, LOL!

Danielle said...

beautiful photos, Leslie! and I can't wait to see that monkey in full monty! =)