Tuesday, September 1, 2009

**Did you see?? Not to mention...I got alotta to showa youa....**

Have you BEEN to Point.Blank.Period?
Did you SEE the prompt for challenge 1?
Are you ready to get your creative hat on?
Step out of that box?
Wow not only everyone you know
but most of all...YOURSELF????
Did you SEE what the DT did? WOW!!!!!
They ALL blew me away! 

Here's MY little snippit of a layout....
time to step out of MY comfy zone & let you start your new life
as a college freshman.
You have NO idea how hard it is for this momma to do that.
 BUT I am. And I'm OK with it.
I'm just not comfortable without you around 24/7. ~mom.
a little closer:
AND...woo HOO!!!
It's time for the BiG September REVEAL at
we got this CUTE teeny tiny minibook in our kits..
umm...is this not adorable?
and of course...I had to put my cutie of a hubby in it so I can
carry it around...

and here we have our family...umm....clown.
can you GUESS who I'm speaking of?
**used a TON of Shimmerz on this project too...the blue circles? Shimmerz,
the frame around my photo? Shimmerz.  The silver drop up there that
isn't supposed to be there? Shimmerz...lol.
want that link again?
Here:  SHIMMERZ <----you'll want one in EVER color.
Look! It's me and my girl! Gosh I miss her....something FIERCE!
Used LOTSA Shimmerz-A here-A too-A!
(even on the velvet ribbon...LOL)
and here's my hub again...he makes me happy...
makes me wanna sing that song by Never Shout Never
called "Happy"...google it. cute cute song...
(yep, you'll be humming it all day!)
card I whipped up. I don't do cards. I can't make them
look right. ever. but hey..I tried!
and I hope you're having a delightful week!
Do you watch Big Brother?
WHOA...getting intense!
please don't make him
leave this week...
he's kinda cute to look at....
I just heard a rumor about something fun coming soon..
but I better make sure it's NOT a rumor and true
before I say anything...
Junque FOR Roses...
you are a winner in my RAK
but I haven't heard from you...
I'll happily draw again...
what do you think, in say...
2 more days?
Friday...if I don't hear from JFR by Friday..
I'll draw again!
Hugs all...
p.s. off to work on The Girls Loft projects..
will share soon!